WINCHESTER RIFLES: LEVER ACTIONS - 1860-1964 Model 1866 Rifle Third Model
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Model 1873 Rifle Third Model

dust cover rail integral with frame, serial 90,000-end of production.

Model 1876 Rifle Third Model

dust cover rail integral with frame, serial range 30,000-end of production.

Model 1866 Rifle Second Model

"New Model" with redesigned frame, with Henry barrel markings, serial number inside on the earlier guns after ser. no. 19,000, outside lower tang beneath lever (approx. after ser. no. 20,000).

Model 1866 Rifle/Carbine/Musket Fourth Model

.44 cal., twin rimfire and centerfire, script style serial number on lower tang near lever latch, improved frame, serial range approx. 149,000-170,101.

Model 1866 Musket Third Model

27 in. round barrel, 24 in. magazine, 3 barrel bands.

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