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SL-80 SERIES MODEL SL-121V Get Pricing

12 ga., field grade, 26 or 28 in. fixed choke VR barrel, anodized and black semi-gloss finish on lower receiver. Disc. 1985.

SL-80 SERIES MODEL SL-121/SL-122 SLUG Get Pricing

12 ga., features Monte Carlo stock and flat bottom Trap Grade beavertail forearm, 21 1/16 in. cyl. bore barrel, fixed open ring rear iron sights and fixed front ramp, 5 shot mag., recoil pad, 7 lbs. 3 oz. Disc. 1985.

SL-80 SERIES MODEL SL-123V Get Pricing

12 ga., stylish field grade, Ergal special aluminum alloy receiver with photo engraving, 26 or 28 in. VR barrel with various chokes, approx. 6 lbs. 13 oz. Disc. 1985.

EX-L Get Pricing

12 ga., similar in appearance to the Model SL-123V, except has hand-engraved receiver, very limited mfg. with unpredictable premiums over Model SL-123V.


12 ga. only, similar in appearance to the Super 90 M1, hardwood stock, 7 shot mag., matte metal and wood finish, most stocks had adj. lateral sling attachment inside of buttstock, 18 3/4 in. barrel. Disc. 1985.


12 ga. only, 28 in. VR barrel with mod. choke and phosphorescent bead sight, trap/skeet Monte Carlo grade/style wood stock with recoil pad, lower receiver was nickel plated, 7 lbs. 10 oz. Disc. 1986.


20 ga., 26 in. VR mod. choke barrel, black anodized lower receiver, approx. 5 lbs. 10 oz., mfg. in Spain for Benelli. Disc. 1985.

BRI-BENELLI SL-80 123 SLUG GUN Get Pricing

12 ga. only, custom design, premium slug gun, SL-80 Series action with drilled and tapped rifled barrel by E. R. Shaw Barrel Co., assembled by BRI in the U.S., Monte Carlo stock with beavertail forend, barrels stamped "BRI", ser. nos. 0001-0025, approx. 25 guns total mfg. 1986-1987.
BENELLI SHOTGUNS: SEMI-AUTO, 1985-OLDER Benelli semi-auto 3rd generation (inertia recoil) shotguns were imported starting in the late 1960s. The receivers were mfg. of light aluminum alloy - the SL-80 Model 121 had a semi-gloss, anodized black finish, the Model 123 had an ornate photo-engraved receiver, the Model Special 80 had a brushed, white nickel-plated receiver, and the Model 121 M1 had a matte finish receiver, barrel, and stock. All 12 ga. SL-80 Series shotguns will accept 2 3/4 or 3 in. shells, and all SL-80 Series 12 ga. Models have interchangeable barrels (except the 121 M1) with 4 different model receivers (121, 121 M1, 123, and Special 80). All 4 models had fixed choke barrels.
The SL-80 Series shotguns were disc. during 1985, and neither H&K nor Benelli USA has parts for these guns. Some misc. parts still available for the 12 ga. from Gun Parts Corp. (see Trademark Index for more information).
Approx. 50,000 SL-80 series shotguns were mfg. before discontinuance - choke markings (located on the side or bottom of the barrel) are as follows: * full choke, ** imp. mod., *** mod., **** imp. cyl. SL-80 series guns used the same action (much different than current mfg.) and all had the split receiver design. Be aware of possible wood cracking where the barrel rests on the thin area of the forend and also on the underside of the buttstock behind trigger guard.
The marketplace for older Benelli semi-auto shotguns has changed recently, with more interest being shown on these older models as they represent a value compared to Benelli's new offerings. As a result of this additional interest and demand, values have gone up, after being dormant for many years.

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