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SINGLE SHOT MODEL Get Pricing 12, 16, 20, 28 ga., or .410 bore, exposed hammer, various barrel lengths, walnut stock and forearm. Disc.
SxS MODEL Get Pricing values below assume standard models with double triggers, extractors, original finish, and 100% working order. Most shotguns feature sidelock actions. Shotguns with exposed hammers can equal their hammerless counterparts if condition is 80% or better.
KNICKERBOCKER Get Pricing 20 ga., 14 in. nickel-plated barrels, case-hardened receiver, pistol grip, mfg. circa 1900s.
VICTOR EJECTOR Get Pricing .410 bore, 12 in. single barrel, total production unknown, possibly prototype for Crescent Certified Shotgun.
NEW EMPIRE Get Pricing hammerless .410 bore or 20 ga., 12 1/4 in. barrels, extremely rare firearm whose total production and years of manufacture are unknown at this time (only known documentation is an "Auto Burglar Gun" in an advertisement by "Saul Ruben, The Gun Store, 68 E. Long St., Columbus, OH" of the October 1932 issue of Hunter-Trader-Trapper, which lists a $14.75 retail price). The receiver is marked "New Empire". At this time, 5 specimens are known in .410 bore, with ser. nos. scattered throughout the S-1 to S-19 range. The ser. no. appears on the metal under the forearm. The Crescent Auto & Burglar Gun may have been distributed by the H.& D. Folsom Arms Co. of New York City through its manufacturing division, the Crescent Firearms Co., Norwich, CT. Crescent's sellers included the Belknap Hardware Co., Louisville, KY and Hibbard-Spencer-Bartlett Co., Chicago, IL.
CRESCENT CERTIFIED SHOTGUN Get Pricing .410 bore, 12 1/2 in. barrel, approx. 4,000 mfg. from approx. 1930-32 by the Crescent-Davis Arms Corp., and possibly thereafter until 1934 by the J. Stevens Arms Co., left receiver side is stamped "Crescent Certified Shotgun/Crescent-Davis Arms Corp./Norwich, Conn. U.S.A." Also termed the "Ever-Ready" Model 200 and advertised with a blue frame, but specimens with "tiger stripe" and regular case coloring have been observed.
CRESCENT FIRE ARMS CO. & CRESCENT-DAVIS ARMS CORP. SHOTGUNS Certain models may be considered Curios or Relics by the BATFE (subject to change). Other models fall under 1934 NFA legislation, and are subject to seizure w/o proper paperwork and registration. Please contact your local BATFE branch for clarification.

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