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SENTINEL Get Pricing .22 S, L, or LR cal., aluminum frame, nine shot, SA or DA, swing out cylinder, 2 3/8, 3, 4, 5, or 6 in. barrel, fixed sights, return spring on ejector beginning with R-102 Series, until 1960 the 2 3/8 in. barrel model had a bobbed hammer, beginning in 1961 this changed to a standard spur hammer with no change in Cat. No.
Sentinel R-102, R-103 Series 2 3/8 in. barrel Get Pricing faux ivory round butt, plastic grips.
Sentinel w/Dura-Tone colors Get Pricing 2 3/8 in. barrel, offered in three different color anodized frames, featured nickel plated cylinders, triggers, and hammers, round butt ivory colored plastic grips, mahogany finished case.
SENTINEL IMPERIAL Get Pricing similar to Sentinel, except has adj. sights, two piece walnut grips, mfg. 1962-64.
SENTINEL DELUXE Get Pricing similar to Sentinel, except has two piece walnut square butt grips and fixed sights, wide trigger, 24 or 26 oz.
SENTINEL SNUB Get Pricing similar to Sentinel Deluxe, except has checkered bird's-head grip, blue or nickel finish, 2 3/8 in. barrel, 20 oz.
KIT GUN Get Pricing 22 LR cal., swing out cylinder, 9 shot, 4 in. barrel, adj. sights, blue finish, aluminum frame, round butt walnut grips.
CAMP GUN Get Pricing 22 LR or .22 WMR cal., 6 in. barrel, blue, adj. rear sight, checkered walnut grips, also available as a combination with both cylinders.
SENTINEL MARK I Get Pricing .22 S, L, or LR cal., SA or DA, swing out cylinder, 2, 3, or 4 in barrel, steel frame, fixed sights, blue or nickel finish, adj. sights on 3 or 4 in. barrel, smooth wood, square butt grips.
SENTINEL MARK IV Get Pricing similar to Sentinel Mark I, except .22 WMR cal.
POWER PLUS Get Pricing .38 Spl. cal., 5 shot, SA or DA, swing out cylinder, blue finish, steel frame, serial numbers between PG 1010 and PG1273, only 177 mfg. 1983-84.
SENTINEL COMBO Get Pricing similar to Mark I Sentinel, except without the Mark I markings, steel frame, blue finish, offered as a combination with cylinders for .22 LR and .22 WMR cal.
SENTINEL MARK II Get Pricing .357 Mag. cal., SA or DA, 6 shot, swing out cylinder, blue finish, steel frame, fixed sights, produced by Dan Wesson for High Standard from 1974-75.
SENTINEL MARK III Get Pricing similar to Mark II, except adj. sights, mfg. by Dan Wesson.
CRUSADER Get Pricing planned production only in .357 Mag., .44 Mag. or .45 Colt cal., swing-out cylinder, unique geared action, adj. sights.
CRUSADER 50TH ANNIVERSARY Get Pricing .44 Mag. or .45 LC cal., 51 mfg. for each cal. in 8 3/8 in. barrel with 1/3 coverage engraving (ser. no. 0-50), double action employing gear assembly, blue with a gold crusader figure on the side plate, and an anniversary rollmark to commemorate High Standard's 50th anniversary, cased.
HIGH STANDARD REVOLVERS: POLICE STYLE The Sentinel revolvers begin with the R-100 design series, and continue through the R-109 design series. Later steel framed Sentinels carry no design series markings. A change of design series designation indicates design changes to the guns. The R-105 has the fewest known survivors. The design series designations and the associated catalog numbers which follow are best estimates, and may require further research. Earliest Sentinels in 1955 were in a separate serial number series from 1 through approximately 45,000. Then they were included in a serial number series common to all handguns. In 1974, they were again put in a separate serial number series with a prefix - S101 through S79946. Many of the later guns had a "V" suffix which indicates it was visually impaired, but guaranteed to work properly. High Standard private labeled the aluminum framed Sentinels for both Sears and Western Auto. A few were also provided to Col. Rex Applegate for his ARMAMEX company in Mexico.
R-100, R-101, and R-102 models are all C-R.

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