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AUTOMAG III Get Pricing .30 Carbine or 9mm Win. Mag. (mfg. 1990-92) cal., stainless steel only, 6 3/8 in. barrel, patterned after Colt Govt. Model, Millett adj. sights with white outline, grooved Lexan grips, 8 shot mag., 43 oz. Mfg. 1989-91.
AUTOMAG IV Get Pricing .45 Win. Mag., or 10mm cal., semi-auto, 6 1/2 or 8 5/8 (mfg. 1991) in. barrel, 7 shot mag., Millett adj. sights, stainless steel only, 46 oz. Mfg. 1990-91.
JAVELINA Get Pricing 10mm cal., semi-auto, 5 (disc. 1991) or 7 in. barrel, 8 shot mag., Millett adj. sights, wraparound Neoprene grips, stainless steel, wide adj. trigger, long grip safety, 48 oz. Mfg. 1990-91.
BACKUP PISTOL Get Pricing .380 ACP cal., semi-auto action, 2 1/2 in. barrel, stainless steel, Lexan grips, 5 shot mag., 18 oz. Older disc. walnut grip models are worth a slight premium. Disc. 1989.
IRWINDALE ARMS, INC. (IAI) PISTOLS: SEMI-AUTO In June, 1991, AMT reacquired the manufacturing rights to all IAI models. Please refer to the AMT section for recent models.

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