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SAFETY RIFLE Get Pricing single shot, swinging breech, walnut stock, 18 (most common) or 22 in. barrel. Mfg. 1886-1922.
JUNIOR SAFETY RIFLE Get Pricing similar to Safety Model, except smaller and has tubular receiver, wire stocked, swinging breech, 18 in. barrel only. Approx. 8,000 mfg. 1890-1920.
BYCYCLE RIFLE Get Pricing similar to Safety Model, retractable wire stock, and a wire pistol grip, fixed rear sight, nickel finish, 12 in. barrel. Only 4,321 were sold during 1896-1919.
QUACKENBUSH, H.M. RIFLES: .22 CAL., RIMFIRE Only one breech mechanism was used on all H.M. Quackenbush rimfire rifles, the company's only rifle configuration was a swinging breech single shot. The breech pivots to the right of the gun. All Quackenbush guns were .22 caliber rimfire because the action was not strong enough for more powerful cartridges. These models were supplied in several different boxes, and often came with a cleaning rod, catalog, and paper targets. These and other accessories will significantly add to the value of the firearms prices listed. No serial numbers were applied to Quackenbush guns. Many variations of these models are encountered, which can also add premiums to the values listed, and can be used to estimate date of manufacture. Quackenbush also manufactured heavy metal targets for these rifles 1884-1931.

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