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TIP-UP RIFLES Get Pricing .22 S, .22 LR, .25 Stevens, .32, .38, or .44 Long RF or CF, variations No. 1 - No. 15 feature various weights, wood styles, sights, and other differences, later series has full loop at rear trigger guard, circa 1870s-1895.
Tip-Up Rifle Model 101 Get Pricing .44 shot cartridge, built on the No. 12 Marksman action, lever action opening, straight grip stock, 26 in. barrel. Mfg. 1914-20.
NO. 12 MARKSMAN Get Pricing .22 LR, .25 Long or .32 rimfire cal., boys type single shot with traditional Stevens profile, operated with underlever that allows barrel to tip up for loading, 22 in. round tapered barrel, walnut stock and forend, silver blade front sight and "V" block rear sight, knurled thumbscrew for take-down. Mfg. 1912-1933.
NO. 14 1/2 LITTLE SCOUT Get Pricing .22 RF cal., 18 or 20 in. barrel, rolling breech block action, iron sights. Mfg. 1909-36.
STEVENS/SPRINGFIELD MODEL 15/120 Get Pricing .22 S, L, or LR, bolt action single shot, one piece integral barrel and receiver, manually operated cocking piece at rear of bolt, birch hardwood stock, open rear and bead front sight, thousands mfg. for companies such as Sears, Montgomery Wards, J.C. Penny, Cotter & Co., etc. Mfg. 1936-1971.
POCKET RIFLES Get Pricing detachable serially numbered nickel-plated stock, variations found within each frame size.
Pocket Rifle Small Frame Get Pricing .22 cal. (various issues).
Pocket Rifle Medium Frame Get Pricing .22, .32, .38, .44 cals. (various issues).
MODEL 44 IDEAL SINGLE SHOT Get Pricing .22 LR through .44-40 WCF cals., rolling block, lever action, takedown, 24 or 26 in. barrels, straight grip stock and forearm. Mfg. 1894-1932.
MODEL 44 1/2 IDEAL SINGLE SHOT Get Pricing similar to Model 44, except .22 LR through .44-40 WCF cals., falling block, lever action, takedown, 24 or 26 in. barrels, straight grip stock and forearm, action redesigned 1903. Mfg. 1903-16.
MODELS 45-54 SINGLE SHOTS Get Pricing .22 LR through .44-40 WCF cals., rolling and falling block receivers, lever action, takedown, deluxe versions of the Models 44 and 44 1/2, many special order features, including double-set triggers, types of finish, engraving, length and weight of barrels, stock configuration could be special ordered. Mfg. 1896-1916.
MODEL 200 BOLT ACTION Get Pricing .22-250 Rem., .223 Rem., .243 Win., .25-06 Rem. (disc. 2011), .270 Win., .30-06, .308 Win., .300 Win. Mag., 7mm-08 Rem. (disc. 2011) or 7mm Rem. Mag. cal., short or long action, no sights, 3 or 4 shot internal mag., AccuTrigger not available on this model, 22 or 24 in. barrel, checkered synthetic stock and forend with pillar bedding, with or w/o camo (select cals. only, disc. 2011), Stevens laser etched on bolt, 6 1/2 lbs. Mfg. 2005-2013.
MODEL 300 BOLT ACTION Get Pricing .22 LR cal., 20 3/4 in. barrel, AccuTrigger not available, 10 shot detachable mag., grey checkered synthetic stock, adj. rear sight, swivel studs, approx. 5 lbs. Mfg. 2006-2013.
MODEL 305 BOLT ACTION Get Pricing .22 WMR cal., similar to Model 300 bolt action, except has 5 shot detachable box mag. Mfg. 2006-2013.
MODEL 310 BOLT ACTION Get Pricing .17 HMR cal., similar to Model 305 bolt action, except has 21 in. standard or heavy barrel w/o sights. Mfg. 2006-2013.
MODEL 315 BOLT ACTION YOUTH Get Pricing .22 LR cal., single shot, uncheckered hardwood stock, shortened Youth dimensions, 19 in. barrel, 5 lbs. Mfg. 2006-2011.
CADET BOLT ACTION Get Pricing .22 LR cal., does not have AccuTrigger, single shot mini-Youth Model with 16 in. barrel, shortened hardwood stock, fixed sights w/rear aperture sight, 4 1/2 lbs. Mfg. 2006-2011.
MODEL 322 BOLT ACTION (INCLUDING A, B, C, & S) Get Pricing .22 Hornet cal., otherwise similar to Model 325. Mfg. 1947-50.
MODEL 325 BOLT ACTION (INCLUDING A, B, C) Get Pricing .30-30 Win. cal., 4 shot detachable mag. Introduced 1947. Disc. 1950.
NO. 414 ARMORY MODEL Get Pricing .22 LR or .22 Short cal. only, lever action, 26 in. barrel, single shot, Lyman aperture sight. Mfg. 1912-32.
MODEL 416 Get Pricing .22 LR cal., bolt action, 25 in. medium barrel, 5 shot mag. Disc.
NO. 417 WALNUT HILL MODEL Get Pricing .22 LR, .22 Short, and .22 Hornet cal., lever action, 28 or 29 in. extra heavy barrel, target stock with full pistol grip, beavertail forend, made in 0-3 suffix variations (different sights). Mfg. 1932-47.
NO. 417 1/2 WALNUT HILL MODEL Get Pricing similar to No. 417, except available in .25 rimfire also. Mfg. 1932-40.
NO. 418 WALNUT HILL MODEL Get Pricing .22 LR or .22 Short only, 26 in. barrel, pistol grip stock, semi beavertail forearm. Mfg. 1932-40.
NO. 425 HIGH POWER LEVER ACTION RIFLE Get Pricing .25, .30, .32, or .35 Rem. cals., 22 in. round barrel with 2/3 length mag. tube, side ejection, blue only, plain walnut stock and forearm, originally designed by John Redfield. Approx. 26,000 mfg. 1910-17.
NO. 430 HIGH POWER LEVER ACTION RIFLE Get Pricing upgraded variation of the No. 425, deluxe checkered stock and forearm.
NO. 435 HIGH POWER LEVER ACTION RIFLE Get Pricing upgraded variation of the No. 425, extra fancy checkered stock and forearm, with engraved designs on receiver border and lever.
NO. 440 HIGH POWER LEVER ACTION RIFLE Get Pricing upgraded variation of the No. 425, best quality checkered walnut stock and forearm, with fully engraved game scenes and engraved forearm tip.
STEVENS FAVORITE NO.'S 17-29 Get Pricing .22 LR, .25 RF or .32 RF cal., 24 in. barrel most common, other lengths available, Rocky Mountain front sight, straight grip stock, small tapered forearm. Mfg. 1894-1935.
MODEL 1915 FAVORITE Get Pricing .22 LR, .22 WRF (special order option), .25, or .32 cal., redesign of original Steven's Favorite, action slightly heavier and stronger, blue takedown frame, walnut stock and forearm, other internal changes, similar outward appearance, marked "SVG" after 1920, offered as the No. 27 with full octagon barrel, the No. 17 with round barrel, and the No. 20 with smooth bore barrel, 4 1/2 lbs. Mfg. 1915-1940.
STEVENS FAVORITE MODEL 30 (RECENT MFG.) Get Pricing .17 HMR (Model 30R17, mfg. 2004-2005), .22 LR (Model 30G), or .22 WMR (Model GM, mfg. 2002-2005) cal., choice of solid or takedown (new 2004) action, lever action falling block with inertia firing pin, 20 in. round or 21 (disc.) in. half octagon (Model 30G) or full octagon (Model GM) barrel, uncheckered wood stock and forearm, open sights, 4 1/4 lbs. New mfg. began in late 1998 by Savage Arms, Inc., limited availability 2007-2012.
STEVENS MODEL 65 Get Pricing .22 LR cal., bolt action, 20 in. barrel, open sights, 5 shot mag., checkered walnut stock. Mfg. 1969-disc.
NO. 70 "VISIBLE LOADING" SLIDE ACTION RIFLE Get Pricing .22 S, L, or LR cal., exposed hammer, 22 in. barrel, open sights, straight grip stock, tube mag., grooved slide handle. Other variations with different barrel lengths and sights will command slight premiums.
MODEL 71 "STEVENS FAVORITE" COMMEMORATIVE Get Pricing .22 LR cal., replica of original, 22 in. octagon barrel, plain straight stock, medallion inlaid, crescent butt. 1,000 mfg. in 1971.
SIDE LEVER CRACKSHOT Get Pricing .22 RF or .32 RF cal., boys type single shot rifle, breech block is operated by a small lever on the side of the frame, side lever opening, 20 in. round barrel with fixed sights. Mfg. 1900-1913.
NO. 20 FAVORITE Get Pricing .22 RF or .32 RF smooth bore, 24 in. barrel, smooth bore variation of the No. 17 rifle.
NO. 26 CRACKSHOT Get Pricing .22 RF or .32 RF cal., boys type single shot rifle, under lever opening, 18 in. round barrel, hardwood straight grip stock and forend, open sights. Mfg. 1913-41.
NO. 26 1/2 CRACKSHOT Get Pricing .22 RF or .32 RF shotshell, smooth bore variation of the No. 26 rifle.
MODEL 72 CRACKSHOT Get Pricing .22 LR cal., single shot falling block action, 22 in. octagon barrel, open sights, color case hardened frame, straight stock. Mfg. 1972-89.
MODEL 74 Get Pricing similar to Model 72 Crackshot, except has round barrel. Mfg. 1972-89.
MODEL 987 Get Pricing .22 LR cal. only, semi-auto, 15 shot tube mag., 20 in. barrel, hardwood Monte Carlo stock, adj. rear sight, 6 lbs. Disc. 1989.
MODEL 83/083 BOLT ACTION Get Pricing .22 S, L, LR, .22 WMR, or .25 Stevens rimfire cal., 24 in. round barrel, chrome bolt and trigger, walnut pistol grip stock, single shot, gold bead front and open rear sights (Model 83) or hooded front with interchangeable inserts and #105 rear aperture and folding middle sight (Model 083), 5 lbs. Mfg. 1935-1942.
MODEL 87 SEMI-AUTO Get Pricing .22 LR cal., tube mag., round tapered barrel, over 1.8 million made in numerous variations, including the Model 6, 76, 87, 187, 188, 60, 90, 88, 388, 887 and many others under brand names for Sears, Montgomery Ward, Western Auto, CIL, Coast to Coast, etc., model numbers include letter suffix added as changes were made. Introduced in 1938, and continued through the early 1980s.
MODEL 89 LEVER ACTION Get Pricing .22 LR cal., single shot, 18 1/2 in. barrel, Martini type action, Western style lever, straight stock. Mfg. 1976-disc.
STEVENS, J., ARMS COMPANY RIFLES Stevens made a wide variety of inexpensive, utilitarian rifles that, to date, have attracted mostly shooting interest, but little collector interest. A listing of these models may be found in the back of this text under "Serialization."

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