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MODEL 1883 (HOTCHKISS REPEATER) Get Pricing .45-70 Govt. cal., designed by Benjamin D. Hotchkiss, unique tube mag. located in buttstock attached to receiver, up-turn/pull-back bolt action, 26 in. round or octagon barrel standard on rifle. Over 84,000 mfg. between 1879-1889. Carbine extremely rare in Third Model (20 in. barrel).
Model 1883 First Style Get Pricing approx. 6,419 mfg. with magazine cut off and safety control incorporated into one unit.
Model 1883 Second Style Get Pricing approx. 16,102 mfg., magazine cut off on right receiver top, safety on left side.
Model 1883 Third Style Get Pricing most commonly encountered Hotchkiss, 2-piece stock, approx. 62,034 mfg. 1883-1899.
LEE STRAIGHT PULL RIFLE Get Pricing 6mm Lee (.236 U.S.N. cal.), 5 shot non-detachable box mag., 24 (Sporting Rifle) or 28 (Musket) in. barrel, folding leaf sight, blue metal, military style full stock, mfg. 1897-1902, Navy Issue Model is the Musket with "236 U.S.N." on barrels. Approx. 20,000 mfg. (including 15,000 Muskets for the U.S. Navy military contract) between 1895-1902 with parts clean up occurring in 1916.
Lee Straight Pull Rifle Sporting Get Pricing similar to Musket, with 24 in. barrel, sporter style stock. Approx. 1,700 mfg. 1897-1902.
MODEL 43 Get Pricing .218 Bee, .22 Hornet, .25-20 WCF, or .32-20 WCF cal., dubbed "Poor Man's Model 70," 24 in. round tapered barrel, box type mag. Approx. 62,617 mfg. between 1949-1957.
MODEL 52 TARGET Get Pricing .22 S (rare) or LR cal., 5 shot mag., 28 in. standard or heavy barrel (1st cataloged 1933), target sights and target style stock, speedlock trigger feature was introduced in 1929. Approx. 125,233 Model 52s in all variations were mfg. between 1919-79.
Model 52A Target Get Pricing similar to Model 52, except all "A" suffix Model 52s have a speedlock trigger. Values are similar to Model 52 Target with speedlock trigger. In terms of rarity, it seems the "E" suffix is probably the scarcest (also the most poorly mfg.), followed by the "A" suffix variation.
MODEL 52A HEAVY BARREL Get Pricing similar to Standard Target, with heavy barrel.
MODEL 52-B TARGET Get Pricing extensively redesigned action, improved stock design, offered with a variety of sights. Approx. mfg. 1940-47.
MODEL 52-B HEAVY BARREL Get Pricing similar to 52-B, with heavy barrel, with adj. sling swivel as to position of front swivel, and single shot adapter became available.
MODEL 52-B BULL GUN Get Pricing extra heavy weight barrel.
MODEL 52 SPORTER (SPORTING RIFLE) Get Pricing 24 in. round lightweight barrel with front sight cover, sporting type select walnut stock with cheekpiece, hard rubber pistol grip cap, black plastic tipped forearm, checkered steel buttplate, 5 shot mag. is standard, about 7 1/4 lbs. Mfg. 1934-1958. There is some controversy as to whether any of the Model 52 Sporters were drilled and tapped per factory worksmanship. Be cautious of "factory" drilled and tapped receivers on all model 52s, as there are many "gunsmith" Sporters that have been made with turned down, shortened target barrels.
Model 52 Sporter Get Pricing advertised approx. 1936.
Model 52A Sporter Get Pricing introduced approx. 1937, receiver and locking lug were strengthened.
Model 52B Sporter Get Pricing introduced approx. 1940.
Model 52B (1993 Re-issue) Sporter Get Pricing .22 LR cal., patterned after the original Model 52B and includes steel buttplate, 24 in. barrel w/o sights, Micro Motion trigger with adjustment screw on bottom plate, high-polish blue, 5 shot mag., checkered 52B style stock with ebony forend tip, 7 lbs. Mfg. by Miroku in Japan 1993-2002.
Model 52C Sporter Get Pricing introduced 1947 with adj. Micro Motion trigger, approx. 500-1,000 mfg., 2 screws in trigger guard.
MODEL 52-C STANDARD TARGET Get Pricing "Micro Motion" trigger and "Marksman" stock, single shot adaptor, 5 or 10 shot mag. was avail., standard barrel, otherwise similar to 52-B. Mfg. 1947-61.
MODEL 52-C HEAVY TARGET Get Pricing similar to Standard Target, with heavy barrel.
MODEL 52-C BULL TARGET Get Pricing extra heavy (bull) barrel model of Heavy Target 52-C. Mfg. approx. 1947-1961.
MODEL 52-D TARGET Get Pricing improved version of 52-C with free-floating standard or heavy barrel and adj. bedding device, all 52-Ds were single shot. Fewer than 750 rifles were shipped.
MODEL 52-D INTERNATIONAL MATCH Get Pricing similar to 52-D, with free rifle stock, accessory rail. Mfg. 1969-1975.
MODEL 52-D PRONE Get Pricing similar to International Match, with prone style stock. Mfg. 1960-75.
MODEL 52-E TARGET Get Pricing similar to Model 52-D Target, approx. 652 mfg. 1975-1980.
MODEL 52-E INTERNATIONAL PRONE Get Pricing similar to 52-D, with lighter colored wood stock, removable roll over cheekpiece. Approx. 37 mfg. 1975-1980.
MODEL 52-E INTERNATIONAL MATCH Get Pricing heavy match barrel, lower accessory rail, uncheckered light colored walnut thumbhole stock with adj. buttplate and beavertail forend, no sights, scattered in ser. no. range E-123,000 - E125,000. Approx. 44 mfg. 1975-1980.
MODEL 54 HIGH POWER SPORTER Get Pricing .270 Win., 7x57mm, 7.65x57mm Mauser (rare), .30-30 Win., .30-06, 9x57mm Mauser (rare) cal., 5 shot mag., 24 in. barrel, open sights, checkered pistol grip stock. Mfg. 1925-30. Approx. 50,145 Model 54s were mfg. in all variations between 1925-36.
MODEL 54 CARBINE Get Pricing introduced 1927, similar to Rifle, with 20 in. barrel, plain stock.
MODEL 54 IMPROVED SPORTER Get Pricing .22 Hornet, .220 Swift, .250-3000, .257 Robts., .270, 7x57mm, or .30-06 cal., 5 shot mag., 24 or 26 in. barrel, one piece firing pin, checkered pistol grip stock. Mfg. 1930-36.
MODEL 54 CARBINE IMPROVED Get Pricing similar to Rifle, with 20 in. barrel.
MODEL 54 SUPER GRADE Get Pricing introduced 1934, similar to Sporter, with better wood and black forend tip and pistol grip cap.
MODEL 54 SPORTING SNIPER'S RIFLE Get Pricing introduced 1929, similar to Sporter, with 26 in. heavy barrel, .30-06 only, aperture sight.
MODEL 54 NATIONAL MATCH Get Pricing introduced 1935, similar to Standard, with Lyman sights and Marksman stock.
MODEL 56 SPORTER Get Pricing .22 S or LR cal., 5 or 10 shot box mag., 22 in. round barrel, open sights, plain pistol grip stock. Approx. 8,297 mfg. between 1926-29.
MODEL 57 TARGET Get Pricing .22 S (disc. 1930) or LR cal., 22 in. barrel with barrel band, open sights, stock cutaway for aperture sight on left side, drilled and tapped receiver, heavy target uncheckered pistol grip walnut stock, 5 (standard) or 10 shot mag., left side push-button mag. release, checkered steel buttplate approx. 5 lbs. Approx. 18,600 were mfg. between 1927-1936.
MODEL 69 & 69A Get Pricing .22 S, L, or LR cal., 5 or 10 shot repeater, 25 in. barrel, aperture or open rear sight, not serial numbered. Approx. 355,000 mfg. between 1935-63.
MODEL 72/72A Get Pricing .22 LR and Gallery Model (.22 short only), tube mag., bolt action, 25 in. round, tapered barrel, aperture or open rear sight, not serial numbered. Over 161,000 mfg. between 1938-59.
MODEL 75 TARGET Get Pricing .22 LR cal., 5 or 10 shot mag., 28 in. barrel, target sights, slight variation used by Government in WWII. Approx. 88,715 Model 75 Target and Model 75 Sporter rifles were mfg. between 1938-1958.
MODEL 75 SPORTER Get Pricing similar to Target, except 24 in. tapered barrel, detachable mag., non-target sights and select checkered walnut.
MODEL 131 Get Pricing .22 S, L, and LR cal., 7 shot mag.
MODEL 141 Get Pricing .22 S, L, and LR cal., butt loading tube mag.
MODEL 320 RIFLE Get Pricing .22 LR cal., similar to Single Shot Model 310, with 5 shot mag. Mfg. 1972-74.
MODEL 325 RIFLE Get Pricing .22 WMR cal., otherwise similar to Model 320, limited mfg. 1972-74.
MODEL 670 RIFLE Get Pricing another economy version of the Model 70, .225 Win., .243 Win., .270 Win, .308 Win., or .30-06 cal., 22 in. barrel, open sights, no hinged floorplate, pistol grip stock. Mfg. 1967-73.
MODEL 670 CARBINE Get Pricing similar to 670, with 19 in. barrel, not available in .308 Win. Mfg. 1967-70.
MODEL 670 MAGNUM Get Pricing similar to 670, with reinforced stock, .264 Mag., 7mm Mag., or .300 Win. Mag. cal. Mfg. 1967-70.
MODEL 697 Get Pricing .22 WRF cal., same general specifications as the Model 69, except no iron sights or sight cuts in barrel and no ramp or sight cover. Telescope bases attached to barrel were standard.
MODEL 770 Get Pricing .22-250 Rem., .222 Rem., .243 Win., .270 Win., .30-06, or .308 Win. cal., 22 in. barrel, open sights, no floorplate or forend tip. Mfg. 1969-71.
MODEL 770 MAGNUM Get Pricing similar to Standard, in .264 Mag., 7mm Mag., or .300 Win. Mag. cal., recoil pad. Mfg. 1969-71.
MODEL 777 Get Pricing .30-06 cal., bolt action, 4 shot mag., mfg. by Nikko in Japan during 1979-80 for sale to Winchester subsidiaries in Australia, Germany, Italy, and Scandinavia, only 3 were shipped to the U.S., checkered Monte Carlo stock with Wundhammer swell grip, lightweight barrel, engraved action, "Winchester" is cast on the left side of the receiver near the top, approx. 1,000 mfg. with 250 in .30-06 cal. - 750 mfg. in different cal. and sold elsewhere, 8 1/2 lbs.
WILDCAT Get Pricing .22 LR cal., 21 in. regular or heavy (Target/Varmint model) barrel with (Sporter) or w/o (Target/Varmint) sights, detachable 5 or 10 shot mag., checkered hardwood stock and forend (Target or Sporter configuration), sling swivels, fold down rear sight, includes one 5 and three 10 shot mags., two-stage trigger, two-position safety on trigger guard, 4 1/2 or 5 1/2 (Target/Varmint) lbs. Importation from Russia 2007-2009.
WINCHESTER RIFLES: BOLT ACTION On Models 52, 54, 56, 57, 58, 59, 60, 60A, 67, 677, 68, 69, 69A, 697, and 70 values in 50% or less original condition have been omitted since values in those conditions will approximate the 60% price. This reflects the fact that while these lower condition specimens are not as desirable to collectors, they are still sought after as shooters.

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