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ZABALA HERMANOS, S.A. SHOTGUNS Zabala Hermanos manufactured good quality boxlock SxS shotguns (Models 213 €370 - €430 last MSR, Kestrel €370 last MSR, Berri €380 - €510 last MSR, Vencedor Magnum (sideplates) €550 - €590 last MSR, Sporting Magnum €535 last MSR, and the Anthea Magnum €560 - €600 last MSR, O/U shotguns (XL 90 Series €445 - €690 last MSR, Suprema Magnum €510 last MSR, and Century Classic Magnum €530 last MSR) and sidelock SxS shotguns (Vencedor Model €720 - €758 last MSR). The company produced over 600,000 long guns, and was family owned.

From Blue Book Publications:

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