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America's first federal armory located in Springfield, MA. Production began in 1795 and an Act of Congress made it an official federal arsenal in 1872. This government owned armory was closed in 1968 and the "Springfield Armory" trademark was sold to a private individual in the early 1970s, and evolved into the current Springfield Armory. Not associated with the private firm of the same name located in Geneseo, IL.
In recent years, collectors have realized that military specimens in 90%-100% original condition are very rare and desirable. Since the supply of these guns is limited, values listed for these condition factors may actually be a little under current market values, especially auction pricing. On Springfields and other U.S. military long arms, the importance of the wood being original, unsanded, and with crisp, clear cartouches cannot be overstated.

From Blue Book Publications:

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