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Press Release

1st Edition Antique American Firearms and Values  S.P. Fjestad
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Why Guess When You Can Be Sure?

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Press Contact:

Tom Toupin

Blue Book Publications, Inc.

952-854-5229 Ext. 2000


Release Date: October 1, 2016

Publisher’s Suggested List Price: $39.95

Page count: 400 pages
Press Release
The Blue Book staff has built from scratch one of the world’s largest database on Antique American firearms to complement the world’s greatest, most reputable gun database.
This new Antique book is printed in color on high quality paper, includes complete descriptions of the firearms including caliber, finish, markings, rarity factors, time frame and location of manufacture, and all important descriptive information needed to identify antique firearms, many with few markings. It Expands upon all Pre-January 1, 1899 manufactured Antique American firearms trademarks in Blue Book’s gun database, with overlap into modern production for important models.
Covering almost 700 trademarks, including ALL U.S. Military firearms models, the Blue Book of Antique American Firearms and Values is complete with over 1,500 full length and macro high resolution color images of the firearms. It boasts a completely new and expanded Antique Glossary with Abbreviations, color Anatomies that provide the names of those unknown parts, and three cross-referencing Indexes that will help the user find the listing(s) they are looking for.
Collectors, dealers, and enthusiasts alike will be awed and captivated by the culture and information provided in this brand-new, historic addition to the Blue Book family.

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