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Guns of the NRA National Sporting Arms Museum
by Jim Supica, Doug Wicklund, and Philip Schreier
In a little over three years, the NRA National Sporting Arms Museum at Bass Pro Shops in Springfield, MO has established itself as the world’s most popular firearms museum with over a million visitors to date!
Guns of the NRA National Sporting Arms Museum captures most of the guns and informative displays in detail. This new 304 page publication features the most common and popular sporting arms in America pictured side by side with some of the greatest firearm rarities – over 660 images are included!
Showcased are the following:
•   Historic arms owned and used by Presidents, lawmen and outlaws of the Old West, Olympic champions, Medal of Honor recipients, and European royalty.
•   Great guns and art from the Remington factory collection.
•   Finest examples of firearms engraving and custom guns.
•   Prototype and one-of-a-kind guns, including bizarre firearms curiosa.

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Classic Carmichel: Stories from the Field

Original Price $50.00

NOW $ 40.00

by Jim Carmichel

This long awaited volume is not merely random tales of a well-traveled adventurer, but a captivating collection of beautifully written and crafted texts presenting a lifetime of classic exploits and adventures from around the world. Jim Carmichel’s work is destined to become an integral component in any treasury of fine outdoor literature.

Thoughts from S.P. Fjestad- Author, Editor, & Publisher- Blue Book Publications, Inc.

Truman Capote once wrote, “There are writers, and there are typewriters.” Jim Carmichel is clearly the former. As previous Shooting Editor of Outdoor Life and a world record holder in benchrest rifle competition, Carmichel’s literary proficiency, seasoned with inimitable wit and wisdom, rivals his top-gun shooting status with both rifles and shotguns.

Classic Carmichel: Stories from the Field is an amazing compilation showcasing some of his best articles and stories, complete with many original images.

These riveting tales include the monster “dead” crocodile that came back to life twice and almost killed him on Zimbabwe’s “river of death”, the dangerous three-mile high hunt in the Andes of Peru, where he ended up without a rifle, the drama and intrigue of a $100,000 Russian stag hunt complete with a Moscow hotel room full of rubles, the Alaskan moose hunt in the middle of Typhoon Oscar, stalking trophy deer in Arizona’s legendary “strip”, plus many more.

Maybe the best part is that Jim never writes about his adventures without including us in his hunting parties. He takes us with him wherever he goes, and we are as scared, jubilant, exhausted, terrified, and enlightened as he is, before, during, and after these expeditions.

Classic Carmichel: Stories from the Field is the only book capable of transporting you back in time to the Golden Age of hunting, offering you the privilege of being next to the shooting world’s only remaining Renaissance Man, whether he is on assignment in the brush, bush, or bench. Simply a must read!

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Seven Serpents - The History of Colt's Snake Guns by Gurney Brown

Back by popular demand! Blue Book Publications, Inc. is proud to announce the second release of Seven Serpents – The History of Colt’s Snake Guns.


This hardcover book is the only reference/coffee table book ever published exclusively on Colt’s Snake Guns. Undoubtedly, Snake Guns currently have the highest demand of any collectible firearm!


All seven of Colt’s Snake Guns are represented and chapters include:

• Anaconda (28 pages)

• Boa (10 pages)

• Cobra (22 pages)

• Diamondback (56 pages)

• King Cobra (34 pages)

• Python (140 pages)

• Viper (10 pages).


Information includes:

• Model histories, as well as detailed information and specifications on most variations including dates of manufacture, finishes, barrel lengths, calibers, sights, grips, and additional features/options.

• 344 pages with over 350 high-res color images (mostly life size) depict all the variations, including many engraving options, boxes, accessories, catalogs, factory letters, owner's manuals, warranty cards, and price sheets.

• Large landscape format - 9 1/4" H x 12 1/4" W.

• Blue Book's Snake Gun Performance Spreadsheet compares the investment performance of these guns against gold, silver, stocks, and other traditional investments over the past 55 years.

Serialization charts allow year of manufacture to be determined on most Snake Guns.

• Limited/Special Editions production totals are included as well as a thorough Index.

• Embossed and gold-foiled dust jacket with French fold.


Here's what the readers are saying:

“This book, without question, will become one of the absolute best sources of information regarding the line of Colt “serpent” firearms for decades to come. While numerous books have been written on Samuel Colt’s Single Action Army revolvers, there has never been an authoritative reference book done on these double-action revolvers—that is, until now.

"Chocked full of detailed four-color images (including several gatefolds), the historical background information provided dovetails perfectly with the Colt factory archived serial number ranges. From variations of grips to sights to grip medallions and finishes, each section also identifies on a scale of 1 to 5 which variations are the most rare.

To get to the bottom line, I didn’t think it would be possible in this day and age to collect the volume of hard-to-find information you have compiled between the hardcovers of this book. Any owner of one of these Colt “serpent” handguns will want this tome in their firearms reference library."

- Jim Bequette – Special Projects Editor

Special Offer: Free domestic USPS Media Mail shipping!

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The Cartridge Comparison Guide 2nd Edition

Original Price $32.95

NOW ONLY $20.00

by Andrew Chamberlain

The Cartridge Comparison Guide is the ultimate hunting and ballistics source, built to help shooters maximize cartridge capabilities and ballistic understanding. The Guide considers every major factory and hand-load source for every Rifle, Shotgun and Handgun cartridge available in the USA. That is over 250 unique cartridges! It then breaks down all of this ballistics data, covering thousands of unique loads, and eliminates the mediocre and anemic loads. The result is a simple and easy to use set of data tables that presents the best ballistic potential, in every bullet weight available, for any cartridge a shooter can buy. Hunters and shooters will gain maximum benefit from a personalized cartridge selection using this book. 340 pages

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Standard Catalog of Ruger Firearms

by Jerry Lee

Ruger enthusiasts of all interests will benefit from the accurate and detailed technical specifications, expertly analyzed prices, and superb color photos featured in this comprehensive reference.

Inside this hard cover book, Ruger fanatics will find:
•Price listings for more than 300 rifles, handguns, and shotguns
•Detailed descriptions and specifications for hundreds of models and variations
•Serial numbers from 1949-2013
•More than 250 full-color images
288 pages.

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Gun Digest Book of Ruger Revolvers

by Max Prasac

This hardcover book is the definitive historical guide to Ruger revolvers. Ruger is one of America's premier modern day firearms manufacturers, and this volume features 300-plus full-color photos, the history behind these famous guns, and coverage of Ruger's metallurgy developments that have set its guns apart from the others. This book will delight the novice revolver owner, the hardened veteran and everyone in between. 256 pages.

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Remington Double Shotguns

by Charles G. Semmer

A 288 page hardcover book covering the fascinating topic of the Remington double shotgun, and it discusses nearly every model and grade of side-by-side shotgun made by the two Remington companies from 1873-1910. This title includes many black and white images, including close ups of the variations of Remington double shotguns.

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The Pony Express Museum

by Greg Martin

The story of one man's eccentric passion--collecting everything from California's fabled Gold Rush era and America's Old West. Once old Parker Lyon--insurance and used furniture peddler, mayor of Fresno, California, later President of Lyon Van and Storage, and passionate pack-rat--got hooked on collecting he never stopped, amassing 400 TONS of Western artifacts from pins and chamber pots to railroad locomotives and everything in-between, filling his own private Pasadena museum literally to the rafters and beyond. On Lyon's death, the collection was bought by Nevada gambling mogul Bill Harrah--some say only because his wife fancied "Baby Doe" Tabor's wedding dress--then packed away in storage for decades. This book is the visual record of that great collection--astounding in its magnitude but also its depth and quality--now dispersed back to the winds of time. A visual treasure trove! Hardcover book, 192 pages.

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The Colt Commemoratives 1961-1986

by Ken Condry and Larry Jones

The authors have collaborated on this informative text regarding Colt commemorative guns produced until 1986. The book contains over 200 hardbound pages with a 9x7 in. photo of each commemorative issue. The facing page of each photo features the technical data, including barrel length, caliber, special features, and the serial number range. 209 pages

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1911: The First 100 Years
by Patrick Sweeney

From the predecessors of the 1911 and its contemporaries to the best of today's semi- and full-custom models, you'll find it in 1911: The First 100 Years. Lavishly illustrated with photographs collected from around the world, 1911: The First 100 Years is a fitting centennial tribute to a pistol that is today more popular than ever. 288 pages.

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Gun Digest Big Fat Book of the .45 ACP
by Patrick Sweeney

Designed nearly a century ago, the .45 ACP cartridge has earned a well-deserved reputation as a superbly accurate, slap-em-down handgun cartridge. An honored veteran of two World Wars, Korea, Vietnam, and lesser conflicts across the globe, the .45 ACP is now more popular than ever for competition shooting, law enforcement, and self-defense. Now, just in time for the .45 ACP's 100th anniversary, handgun expert Pat Sweeney gives us the inside scoop on America's favorite big-bore cartridge. If you own a handgun or carbine chambered for the big .45, or if you're considering buying one, you'll find everything you need in the Gun Digest Big Fat Book of the .45 ACP. 400 pages.

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Gun Digest Book of Concealed Carry
by Massad Ayoob

Written by Massad Ayoob, one of the pre-eminent fighting handgun trainers in the world, Gun Digest Book of Concealed Carry 2nd Edition builds upon the best-selling 1st Edition by addressing some of the hottest issues surrounding concealed carry today. 256 pages.

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Art of the Switchblade
by Neal Punchard and Dan Fuller

Art of the Switchblade is a full-color hardbound book that features 160 pages of premiere switchblades from five countries. No previous book has included switchblades from England, France, Germany, Italy, and the United States along with accompanying ephemera and comprehensive information. All examples shown are from the pre-WWII era and many are from the 1800s. It is only through the contributions from several collections and historians from around the world that this grand book project came to be. Art of the Switchblade will inform and delight not just switchblade collectors, but all knife enthusiasts.

Note: This book is not a value guide and contains no knife pricing/value information.

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Great Colt Treasures
The latest book from R.L. Wilson, entitled Great Colt Treasures, features the unique and exceptional cased Colt Model 1851 Navy and 1849 Pocket Revolver engraved by Gustave Young on order of Colonel Samuel Colt for international exhibitions in the United States, Europe, and the United Kingdom. With an oversized 14 ½ x11 ¼ in. landscape format, this 64-page book features one of the finest Colt percussion sets in existence including an ultra-rare two inch barrel for the 1849 Pocket Revolver.

Large high definition images are provided on all the guns components, including the accessories and case. Additionally, history is provided on Rembrandt Peale, a famous 19th century painter, and Antoine Placide Gibert. The back pages of the book are devoted to hand-written correspondence between Sam Colt and various acquaintances and customers.

If you are a connoisseur of R.L. Wilson and/or like the finest in engraved percussion Colts, this is a must-have book. Award-winning photographer Douglas Sandberg once again provides some of the most detailed gun images ever published, and the oversized format makes the graphics look even better. Includes French fold dust jacket and shrink wrapping. Price is $49.50 plus S/H.

Special Offer: Free domestic USPS Media Mail shipping!

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The Art of the Gun: Magnificent Colts - Selections from the Robert M. Lee Collection
By Robert M. Lee & R.L. Wilson

Magnificent Colts features the art, history, craftsmanship, mechanics, and romance unique to these “Blue Chips of Gun Collecting.” Coauthored by collector Robert M. Lee and arms historian R. L. Wilson, this lavish work has been years in the making. Over 1,250 photographs showcase Colts from the earliest to modern times. The book is based on the Robert M. Lee Colt gun collection, regarded by many as the finest collection of Colt firearms in the world.

Magnificent Colts includes numerous previously unpublished examples of the finest, rarest, and most unusual Colts made, as well as memorabilia, period photographs, and advertising. The text is detailed, comprehensive, and up to date. Magnificent Colts is in two volumes with over 1,250 illustrations and more than 100,000 words of text and captions, detailed appendixes, bibliography, and index. The considerable fresh data and original illustrations present the Colt story as never before. No less than three photographers were employed for several years to photograph the Robert M. Lee Colt collection. Thousands of images were made, remade, and then made again till perfection was achieved. Most of the Colts were photographed in full size, and because the pages of the book are so large, it’s easy to see the top, bottom, and side of the same gun—often on the same 2-page spread.

This gives the reader a fantastic visual presentation, the same feeling you would have if you held the gun in your hand and rotated it around to see all sides. Bob Lee’s collection covers firearms from the Renaissance to modern times, and Magnificent Colts is the first title in the unprecedented the Art of the Gun series of five titles covering Colts, early firearms, Continental firearms, and English firearms. The Colt set has been hailed as “a landmark in the literature of firearms history and collecting. . . . This extraordinary new book series will showcase some of the rarest and most beautiful . . . guns ever made.”

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Guns of the Civil War
by Dennis Adler

In Guns of the Civil War author Dennis Adler has woven together enthralling tales of American and European revolvers, pistols, and longarms used on both sides of the Mason-Dixon Line from 1861 to 1865. Guns of the Civil War traces the evolution of gun making in the war torn South as well as those being manufactured by established makers, such as Colt's, Smith & Wesson, E. Remington & Sons, Whitney, Rogers & Spencer, Manhattan, Savage, and countless others that have become little more than obscure footnotes to our nation's greatest arms race. Guns of the Civil War paints a portrait of America in words and pictures as a nation hurtled toward its own destruction, and at the last minute pulled itself back from the precipice. This is a new must-have book for gun collectors and enthusiasts of American firearms history. 340 pages in a full-color landscape format.

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Remington Rolling Block Rifles, Carbines & Shotguns - Sporting & Target Rifles
by Roy Marcot
Graphic Design by Ron Paxton, Technical Advisor: Jay Lewis

This 330-page hardbound book is printed in full color and was published in 2009. Individual chapters describe in detail the Remington No.1, No.1 1/2, No.2, No.4, No.5 and No.7 rolling block firearms. The No.1 expanded section includes full chapters on the development of the rolling block system, early sporting rifles, engraved and embellished rifles, Creedmoor Long Range rifles, Mid-Range and Short Range rifles, Schuetzen rifles, Bench Rest rifles, and Buffalo rifles. Every model is described in great detail, with over 250 comprehensive color photographs of all important aspects of each rifle. Besides the quality of the text and photography, what sets this book apart is the 12 x 10 inch layout of text and photographs in a series of flowing matrixes designed by well-known graphic artist, Ron Paxton. Norm Flayderman, the noted antique arms authority in writing the Foreword to this book, said, the quality of the photography in this . . . book sets a new standard that all future arms books will be held to. Research on this epic study of one of America s most famous hunting and sporting rifle began twenty-three years ago. Countless trips were made by the author to museums and private gun collections throughout the United States and Great Britain. Mr. Marcot also spent hundreds of hours over the past eighteen years combing through the Remington company archives drawing material from original surviving production, sales and shipping records.

This book has a signature plate including the signatures of author by Roy Marcot, Graphic Design Ron Paxton, and Technical Advisor Jay Lewis.

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John Bianchi – An American Legend – 50 Years of Gunleather Deluxe Limited Edition
by Dennis Adler

The Deluxe Limited Edition of John Bianchi – An American Legend – 50 Years of Gunleather features the same hardcover book as the standard edition, except it has a custom embossed slipcase and a signature plate affixed to the inside cover with the signatures of the author, publisher S.P. Fjestad, and John Bianchi. Only 100 of these deluxe limited editions are available and once they are gone, they're gone! Do not miss the opportunity to buy the deluxe limited edition on one of the most legendary figures in the firearms industry!

View sample

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John Bianchi – An American Legend – 50 Years of Gunleather
by Dennis Adler

Anyone who has ever owned a sidearm holster knows the name John Bianchi, the Godfather of Gunleather – who revolutionized gun carry methods and handgun performance throughout the world. This biography tells the story of the man who founded Bianchi International – the world’s largest manufacturer of gunleather for police, military, and sportsmen. Bianchi set the “Gold Standard” for quality and innovation for millions of shooters, law enforcement, and military personnel around the world during the last half century. Written and photographed by award-winning photojournalist Dennis Adler, this 260-page, 9x12 in. hardcover deluxe landscape format publication is a must-have for any firearms enthusiast’s library.

John Bianchi – An American Legend – 50 Years of Gunleather features eight full color chapters covering the extraordinary life of this firearms industry innovator, former police officer, citizen soldier, industrialist, Western personality, and great American.

“There are few names better known in the gunleather industry than John Bianchi. His remarkable innovations in holster designs and his lifelong fascination with Western history are as legendary as the millions of holsters that bear his name worldwide. John has been a friend and inspiration to many throughout his long career and I am not alone in my admiration. This carefully composed biography of John’s life by noted author and firearms historian Dennis Adler is a must-read for all who believe in the American Dream and success story.”

– James Arness
Gunsmoke’s Marshal Matt Dillon

Do not miss the opportunity to buy the only publication in print on one of the most legendary figures in the firearms industry!

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American Arms Collectors - Percussion Colts and Their Rivals "The Al Cali Collection"
By R.L. Wilson

American Arms Collectors - Percussion Colts and Their Rivals "The Al Cali Collection" by R. L. Wilson is arguably the finest firearms book ever published. It showcases three elements of collecting firearms that have never been combined in print before. All images depict the firearm's life size so the reader can visualize the relative sizes, and see every detail. The original condition of the guns is astonishing - some remain in virtually new condition from the mid-19th century! Furthermore, the quality of Mr. Douglas Sandberg's photography is unsurpassed.

When noted antique firearms collector Al Cali sold his Colt collection on Sept. 18, 2011, little did he know that many of his revolvers would shatter existing world's records for firearms prices realized at auctions. Al Cali didn't have the biggest Colt collection ever assembled, but in terms of original condition of the specimens he chose, what he accumulated over 50 years is unequaled in the history of gun collecting.

This landmark Heritage/Greg Martin auction produced the following results: 5 cased percussion Colts sold for $3,852,500, and the cased and shell carved ivory gripped Texas/Holster Model No. 5 Paterson with w/9 in. barrel gaveled for $977,500, establishing a new world's record! The 33 Colts auctioned off brought $6,690,740, averaging over $200,000 per gun!

Owning this book is the next best thing to owning Al Cali's collection. With an impressive oversized 11x17 in. format, this 194 page publication is sure to become a classic shortly! Regularly $99.95, the price has been reduced to $75. Don't wait, as quantities are very limited.

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Hi-Standard Pistol Guide, The
By Burr Leyson

This reprint by Duckett's Publishing Co. in circa 1995 is of the original first edition published in 1954. This softcover black and white 76-page guide covers every pistol model manufactured by High Standard from 1926 to 1954. This guide completely describes the operation, disassembly, and assembly of each model and includes several detailed drawings and photos. Care and repair, ammunition, and parts and accessories lists are also included. Only a limited number of these books are available - order now before they are gone!

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FN Browning Pistols - Side-Arms that Shaped World History
Covers Browning pistols manufactured in Belgium from the 1894 prototype to Models 1899, 1900, 1903, 1905, 1907 (Husqvarna), 1910, 1922, Baby Browning, and Hi-Power with contracts. Also includes a lot good images and history on the FN factory and its accomplishments. WWII occupation markings, Belgian military acceptance markings, and many good images of slide addresses and markings are also provided, in addition to a chapter at the end on Browning Arms Company pistols (BAC). Hardcover with dust jacket, multiple B&W images, catalogs, and illustrations, 336 pages.

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The Art of the Gun – Five Volume Set
The Art of the Gun is a five-volume miniature book series written by Robert M. Lee, R.L. Wilson, and Ian Eaves that features highly decorated arms from The Renaissance to the Millennium. Each volume is between 56 and 76 pages, and they are individually titled including:
Volume 1: Highly Decorated Arms from the Renaissance to the Millennium
Volume 2: European Firearms Masterpieces from the 17th to the 19th Centuries
Volume 3: Colt Firearms Masterpieces
Volume 4: Winchester Firearms Masterpieces
Volume 5: Modern Firearms Masterpieces

The five-volume set is in a 6 by 4.5 in. landscape format and the layout involves a combination of narrative and images that is displayed in full color. All images are taken from the Robert M. Lee collection. These books also come with a crystal acrylic case that holds all five volumes.

Learn More $115.00 - Add to Cart

China Safari – An American Explorer in the Forbidden Pamirs
China Safari is written by Robert M. Lee about his expeditions through China in the early to mid-1980s, when simply getting into the Chinese People’s Republic was a challenge, let alone hunting there. China Safari documents Lee’s three trips to Western China in 1980, 1981, and 1985 where he rediscovered a fully mature Marco Polo ram. This 270 page hardcover book features two 16-page color sections of breathtaking images from China.

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Air Guns (New Enlarged 1997 Edition)
By Eldon G. Wolff

Air Guns is a 204 page historical reference book that covers many American and European manufacturers. Several illustrations and images are included throughout the book making it one of the best airgun reference titles available. Originally published in the 1950s, this edition was updated and enlarged in 1997, and it is limited to 1,000 copies. Each book is individually numbered out of 1,000.

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The Story of Benjamin Tyler Henry and His Famed Repeating Rifle
By Les Quick

Finally, a book completely dedicated to one of the most famous and historically significant lever action rifles of all time – the Henry! Years in the making, this new hardcover 1st edition with dust jacket will easily become the standard reference source for the Henry and its variations. With 240 pages, hundreds of high resolution color images, and comprehensive text explaining the Henry’s history and variations, the late Les Quick has created an instant classic for lever action rifle collectors, historians, and savvy dealers.

View sample

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American Gunsmiths - 2nd Edition
by Frank Sellers.

Originally published in 1983, the 1st Edition of American Gunsmiths achieved legendary status for those dealers, collectors, historians, and investors who needed to get more information on the thousands of obscure American manufactures/trademarks not covered anywhere else. With 1st Editions now selling for over $200, this 2nd Edition with thousands of additional listings has never been more valuable and useful. Also available as an online subscription!

Get it for 60% off the original price!

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The Express Rifle, A Different Weapon
By Saúl Braceras, new expanded Second Edition published 2007, written in both Spanish and English. A beautiful illustrated 350-page full color publication dedicated to double barrel “Express Rifles”. This book covers “Express Rifles” from beginning to end and will answer virtually every question (even the ones you haven’t thought of yet). Includes rifles manufactured in Austria, Belgium, Czeck Republic, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, and USA. Provides historical and current information on the manufacturers, identification, dating, types of locks, types of firing systems, extractors, ejectors, barrels, weights of rifles, sights, accuracy, cartridge characteristics, bullets, common problems, hunting, how to choose a rifle, how to buy a rifle (new and used), reloading data, conversion tables and eight detail photos identifying virtually all the common technical parts of “Express Rifles”. All of this in an easy to understand format that will leave you in awe.

View sample

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Flaydermans Guide To Antique American Firearms and Their Values 9th Edition
The 9th edition of Flayderman’s Guide to Antique American Firearms and their values is the most updated and complete reference guide on antique American firearms ever published. Includes chapters on Identification, history, and trends in collecting, as well as illustrations and a quick reference guide. The perfect companion for your firearms library!

Learn More $32.95 - Add to Cart

Mauser Military Rifles of the World (5th Edition)
Written by Robert W.D. Ball. This Mauser military rifle reference guide is packed with Mauser history tailored to the interests and needs of firearms collectors. With more than 50 countries represented, 75 years of Mauser military rifle production is meticulously cataloged with descriptions, historical details, model specifications and markings, for easy identification by collectors. 400 pages, with historical data, coupled with detailed color photos.

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Browning Dates of Manufacture, 1824 to Present
by George Madis

Browning Dates of Manufacture, 1824 to Present provides the reader with date codes and product codes for all Browning models produced since 1824. This book is very rare and hard to obtain!

Learn More $19.95 - Add to Cart

The Peacemakers: Arms and Adventure in the American West
In 320 full-color and 215 black-and-white illustrations, with in-depth text and captions, the broad range of arms and users is detailed.

By R.L. Wilson. 11.5 by 9 inches. Hardcover. 392 pages. ISBN 0-7858-1892-8

Learn More $29.99 - Add to Cart

Parker Gun Identification & Serialization

This 608-page publication is the only book available that provides an easy reference for Parker shotguns manufactured between 1866-1942. Included is a comprehensive 46-page section on Parker identification, with over 100 detailed images depicting serialization location and explanation, various Parker grades, extra features, stock configurations, action types, and barrel identification. Additionally, over 155,000 Parker serial numbers are listed, and include such invaluable information as grade, gauge, stock configuration, barrel length, and possible special orders per serial number. Finally, the original configuration on most Parker shotguns can be verified. And at $34.95, this book could pay for itself in one deal!

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