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Written by Craig Riesch. Tustin, CA: North Cape Publications, 2007. The author, Craid Riesch, has compiled twenty years of surveys and research into this new 237 page volume. The book contains 38 charts and 212 photographs, and fourteen drawings. The book provides a history of the M1 Carbine's development, manufacture and use during World War II, as well as through the Korean War and the war in Vietnam. All variations of the M1 Carbine are discussed -- M1, M1A1, and M2 -- by manufacturer. Serial number are included. Reproduction folding stocks are shown and points of difference are identified. A M1 Carbine survey form on which the collector can list all parts of his or her carbine to determine authenticity. Complete instructions for disassembling the carbine are included with photographs. Soft cover.
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