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By R.L. Wilson

Universally accepted as one of the finest firearms books ever published, this edition of The Book of Colt Firearms with 648 pages has been updated with many new color images, plus extensive serialization for Colt’s dates of manufacture after 1985.

Captain Walker’s Walkers – A Brief History by R.L. Wilson

Two of the most historic firearms ever manufactured are featured on the cover of this newest 3rd Edition, along with an engraved Colt Lightning rifle. These two icons of 19th century Americana were instrumental in the revival of Samuel Colt’s firearms enterprise after his failure in Paterson, NJ. Weighing in at 4 pounds, 9 ounces each, these massive revolvers were presented by a grateful Samuel Colt to Captain Samuel H. Walker, who assisted Colt in the design of these arms and was influential in obtaining a government contract for 1,000 pistols. Walker’s own pair is from the civilian series, #1009 and #1010. The unique set was shipped prior to the Captain’s untimely death in October 1847 at the battle of Juamantla, Mexico. This pair of revolvers was documented through detailed research by Phil Schreier of the National Firearms Museum staff, from presentation by Samuel Colt to the Walker family, and subsequently into the hands of collectors. Two individual NRA silver medallions, the NRA’s top award, were awarded to these guns, and these prestigious medallions stay with the guns, regardless if ownership changes.

Walker revolvers from the Dr. Joseph A. Murphy Collection.

As usual, Blue Book did a great job on the book. The new photos are very nice, and the new material is good and nicely integrated. - Jim Supica, curator, National Firearms Museum
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