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by Dennis Adler

In Guns of the Civil War author Dennis Adler has woven together enthralling tales of American and European revolvers, pistols, and longarms used on both sides of the Mason-Dixon Line from 1861 to 1865. Guns of the Civil War traces the evolution of gun making in the war torn South as well as those being manufactured by established makers, such as Colt's, Smith & Wesson, E. Remington & Sons, Whitney, Rogers & Spencer, Manhattan, Savage, and countless others that have become little more than obscure footnotes to our nation's greatest arms race. Guns of the Civil War paints a portrait of America in words and pictures as a nation hurtled toward its own destruction, and at the last minute pulled itself back from the precipice. This is a new must-have book for gun collectors and enthusiasts of American firearms history. 340 pages in a full-color landscape format.
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