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L.C. Smith remains one of America’s iconic trademarks in the manufacture of top quality side-by-side and single barrel shotguns. Between 1890 and 1950, 528,980 shotguns were manufactured in over 25 grades/variations. L.C. Smith Production Records by James Stubbendieck is the only book that utilizes the factory production records in breaking down these models into how many were manufactured per year, what gauges they were produced in, the various barrel lengths, and in most cases, the totals of the various options available.

Printed on enamel paper, L.C. Smith Production Records also allows the user to visually identify all the L.C. Smith models from graphics used in the original L.C. Smith catalogs.

This 128 page, 8½ x 11 in. softcover book contains the “numbers behind the legend” and is the perfect companion book to L.C. Smith – The Legend Lives by John Houchins, published in 2006.

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