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by Greg Martin

The story of one man's eccentric passion--collecting everything from California's fabled Gold Rush era and America's Old West. Once old Parker Lyon--insurance and used furniture peddler, mayor of Fresno, California, later President of Lyon Van and Storage, and passionate pack-rat--got hooked on collecting he never stopped, amassing 400 TONS of Western artifacts from pins and chamber pots to railroad locomotives and everything in-between, filling his own private Pasadena museum literally to the rafters and beyond. On Lyon's death, the collection was bought by Nevada gambling mogul Bill Harrah--some say only because his wife fancied "Baby Doe" Tabor's wedding dress--then packed away in storage for decades. This book is the visual record of that great collection--astounding in its magnitude but also its depth and quality--now dispersed back to the winds of time. A visual treasure trove! Hardcover book, 192 pages.

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