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by S.P. Fjestad

The 2016 7th Edition Blue Book of Tactical Firearms Values covers tactical rifles, handguns, and shotguns, including 2016 makes/models. This comprehensive book includes complete model listings with up-to-date pricing plus a glossary of tactical firearms terminology!

Features of the new 7th Edition Blue Book of Tactical Firearms Values:

· 30 new tactical companies have been added, and all the newest 2016 makes/models have been included along with important pricing updates on many current and discontinued models.

· Contains almost 700 pages including 635 manufacturers/trademarks, over 6,500 individual gun model descriptions, and over 50,000 values!

· Detailed model descriptions and proprietary tactical features/finishes terminology is used whenever possible - such as Magpul, Ergo, Hogue, KeyMod, Cerakote, Melonite, Picatinny rail(s), Novak, Mission First Tactical, Lothar Walther, etc.

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