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Get the best of both worlds with our Blue Book of Gun Values Online Subscription plus Antique American Firearms Online Subscription

The benefits of an online subscription:
• Monthly Updates! Stay current with changing values
• COMPLETELY SEARCHABLE- Easy to navigate to the exact model you’re looking for
• Thousands of images available - see examples of the gun model you are searching
• A listing of all manufacturer/model information and variations
• Historical pricing with dynamic interactive graphs
• Your own personal online inventory solution
• Our Photo Percentage Grading System - accurately determine the condition of guns
• Serialization information and much more!

And NOW we’ve scratch-built the world’s largest database on Antique American firearms to compliment the world’s greatest, most reputable Gun database. This database goes beyond the boundaries of traditional denoted value as it offers the following:

• Full descriptions of the firearms including time frame and location of manufacture, and important descriptive information needed to identify the many antique firearms with few markings.

• Includes and expands upon all Pre-January 1, 1899 manufactured Antique American firearms trademarks in Blue Book’s gun database, with overlap into modern production for important models.

• Values in four NRA Antique condition factors including Fair (10%), Fine (30%), Extra Fine (60%), and Excellent (80%).

• Includes ALL U.S. Military firearms models (both Primary and Secondary contract manufacturers) back to the first 1795 Springfield Flintlock Musket!

• Over 1,500 full length and macro high resolution color images of the firearms.

• Multiple cross reference links of makes and models to help expand histories and identify unknown firearms.

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