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by Jim Carmichel

This long awaited volume is not merely random tales of a well-traveled adventurer, but a captivating collection of beautifully written and crafted texts presenting a lifetime of classic exploits and adventures from around the world. Jim Carmichel’s work is destined to become an integral component in any treasury of fine outdoor literature.

Thoughts from S.P. Fjestad- Author, Editor, & Publisher- Blue Book Publications, Inc.

Truman Capote once wrote, “There are writers, and there are typewriters.” Jim Carmichel is clearly the former. As previous Shooting Editor of Outdoor Life and a world record holder in benchrest rifle competition, Carmichel’s literary proficiency, seasoned with inimitable wit and wisdom, rivals his top-gun shooting status with both rifles and shotguns.

Classic Carmichel: Stories from the Field is an amazing compilation showcasing some of his best articles and stories, complete with many original images.

These riveting tales include the monster “dead” crocodile that came back to life twice and almost killed him on Zimbabwe’s “river of death”, the dangerous three-mile high hunt in the Andes of Peru, where he ended up without a rifle, the drama and intrigue of a $100,000 Russian stag hunt complete with a Moscow hotel room full of rubles, the Alaskan moose hunt in the middle of Typhoon Oscar, stalking trophy deer in Arizona’s legendary “strip”, plus many more.

Maybe the best part is that Jim never writes about his adventures without including us in his hunting parties. He takes us with him wherever he goes, and we are as scared, jubilant, exhausted, terrified, and enlightened as he is, before, during, and after these expeditions.

Classic Carmichel: Stories from the Field is the only book capable of transporting you back in time to the Golden Age of hunting, offering you the privilege of being next to the shooting world’s only remaining Renaissance Man, whether he is on assignment in the brush, bush, or bench. Simply a must read!

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