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by Jim Supica, Doug Wicklund, and Philip Schreier
In a little over three years, the NRA National Sporting Arms Museum at Bass Pro Shops in Springfield, MO has established itself as the world’s most popular firearms museum with over a million visitors to date!
Guns of the NRA National Sporting Arms Museum captures most of the guns and informative displays in detail. This new 304 page publication features the most common and popular sporting arms in America pictured side by side with some of the greatest firearm rarities – over 660 images are included!
Showcased are the following:
•   Historic arms owned and used by Presidents, lawmen and outlaws of the Old West, Olympic champions, Medal of Honor recipients, and European royalty.
•   Great guns and art from the Remington factory collection.
•   Finest examples of firearms engraving and custom guns.
•   Prototype and one-of-a-kind guns, including bizarre firearms curiosa.
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