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Bonafied Bianchi Blasts by John Bianchi
  Mr. Bianchi is Founder and Chairman of the Board (retired) of Bianchi International, the world's largest manufacturer of quality firearm accessories for police, military and sportsmen. Founded in 1958, Bianchi International now enjoys an esteemed position of stature in the firearms business. John Bianchi has been responsible for over 200 patents, trademarks and copyrights in the firearms industry during the past 50 years.
Mr. Bianchi is a former police officer and has been closely associated with the law enforcement community for over six decades. He serves as a consultant on small arms, equipment and tactics to many police and military organizations. Adding to Mr. Bianchi's experience in weapons and equipment was his long military service, which began in the California National Guard in 1953. Starting as an enlisted man, Bianchi served both in the Guard and active duty Army. He retired for the first time in 1997 as Major General and Commanding General of the California State Military Reserve, and was recalled for a post retirement tour of duty after September 11th, 2001, retiring a second time in 2004.
In addition to his active involvement in law enforcement and military affairs, John Bianchi amassed the largest privately owned collection of memorabilia from the American West. He founded the former Frontier Museum Historical Center, which formed the basis for the Gene Autry National Center Museum in Los Angeles, California. He is a renowned historian on Western Americana.
Why America's Freedoms Aren't Free - Part 1   
Why America's Freedoms Aren't Free - Part 2   
Why America's Freedoms Aren't Free - Part 3   

Why America's Freedoms Aren't Free - Part 3
Our current left wing, anti-American, White House Administration is using this emotional national tragedy to demonize the NRA, the most patriotic, 140 year old, 4.5 million member organization of patriots and sportsmen and women from all walks of life.
The left wing agenda is obvious….disarm America, one bite at a time!
Their hypocrisy is evident. This leftist administration recently funneled 2,000 military assault rifles into Mexican drug cartels; they labeled the action “Fast and Furious” which continues to defy logic.
This administration is currently seeking to acquire 7,000 fully automatic, military rifles to arm Homeland Security, which is constitutionally prevented from performing internal police functions in the U.S.
They have recently purchased, on the open civilian markets, 1.5 billion rounds of small arms ammunition in all calibers and styles not commonly used in domestic law enforcement.

They are unable to justify or explain this activity: what does the government fear? What does the government know that we don’t know?

If any government fails to trust its citizens – It must, itself, not be trusted!
Well intentioned, but naïve people say that guns are only meant to kill. When in fact, they are designed to protect and defend!
Guns save many more lives than are lost as a result of crime.
Guns become “weapons” only in the mind of the user. Guns are the greatest deterrent to evil…foreign and domestic. You don’t fight crime by disarming the people that fear for their safety.
I recently overheard some cocktail chatter. An indignant lady proclaimed, “I will never have a gun in my house. In an emergency I’ll just dial 911!” Another lady responded, “While you’re waiting for 911 I’ll dial .357!” That sums up the sentiment of so many citizens who are simply fed up with crime in their communities.

We as a nation remain safe and free because we maintain a mighty national arsenal, not for offense, but for defense to preserve peace and to send a message to any would be threat to our national security.
We speak softly but carry a very large stick!

And now our President is focusing all of his political time and energy on a great contrived national controversy over additional restrictive gun control measures, all in an effort to make us safer.

Isn’t it ironic that our President has focused his administrations efforts on this issue while shifting attention from major critical problems which he has mismanaged?
The president has deflected critical national attention from the most important issues our country faces, including National Defense, foreign relations, the economy, and a crushing national debt, which demand immediate attention and are being ignored; all with the assistance of the ultra liberal mainstream media.

There are currently over 10,000 state and federal laws regulating the gun industry and individual use of firearms in the United States.
The gun industry is one of the most heavily regulated sections of consumer products.
Yet, state and federal prosecution of gun crimes by career criminals is appallingly low.

History teaches us that no additional restrictive laws will change human behavior.
New, unenforceable and burdensome FEEL GOOD legislation will only criminalize private citizens while doing nothing to prevent crime.
The political focus now is an effort to demonize so-called “assault rifles” which are in reality sport utility rifles with high capacity magazines which have been in world wide use for over 70 years; yet are used in less than 1% of all gun crimes.
Can you think of just one consumer product that does not have a higher capacity than it did last year?
Your iphone… your gas tank…. your computer….your television?
Would you buy any new product with less capacity than last year’s model?
Modern sport utility rifles merely represent the current state of the art of a basic American tradition.
In that regard we must remain, current, competitive and efficient in all technology.

Another focus of this anti gun legislation is an attack on gun shows; A very old American tradition.
On any given weekend, more crime of all kinds occurs at Disneyland than at gun shows; which from my life long experience has been the most civilized, safest, public event I have ever attended.
Gun shows are remarkably devoid of crime of any kind.

On the personal side I am frequently asked by friends and neighbors, “Should I have a gun in the house?”
My immediate response is “NO!”
Not unless you are willing to commit to a stringent course in safe gun handling and then only when you become thoroughly proficient and confident both physically and emotionally, should you have to respond to an immediate personal threat.
On that subject I would rather have a competent, well armed neighbor in a crisis rather than one cowering in the closet with a golf club.

People also ask me how I feel about gun control, my answer is simple, I believe in gun control as long as We the People, control the guns.

We have just recently learned that according to CA Governor Jerry Brown’s Assembly Bill 109 that many thousands of violent prisoners currently serving time in the CA state prison system have been reclassified as a lesser threat to society despite their criminal record and are in the process of being released to their communities again according the Governor’s “Realignment” program.
Whatever that means.
Many districts are now reporting an alarming increase in violent crime by these repeat offenders.
Watch closely they’ll be here soon.
No nation has ever remained free after being disarmed…look around.
As we evaluate this dilemma, there is no denial that tragic gun related deaths occur daily, however, statistically, gun deaths are far exceeded by other causes of death and rank below the top 15 in the country. It’s important that we keep this fact in proper perspective, and that we remember that most gun related incidents are avoidable through the application of common sense safety rules and the prevention of criminal and mentally deranged use of guns.

These are human factors.

There is an undeniable correlation between the right to bear arms
and the freedom and prosperity of this nation for the past 240 years.

Yes, there is a price to pay for liberty and freedom, and we are reminded that the price of liberty is eternal vigilance.
Nothing good comes easy.
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