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Bonafied Bianchi Blasts by John Bianchi
  Mr. Bianchi is Founder and Chairman of the Board (retired) of Bianchi International, the world's largest manufacturer of quality firearm accessories for police, military and sportsmen. Founded in 1958, Bianchi International now enjoys an esteemed position of stature in the firearms business. John Bianchi has been responsible for over 200 patents, trademarks and copyrights in the firearms industry during the past 50 years.
Mr. Bianchi is a former police officer and has been closely associated with the law enforcement community for over six decades. He serves as a consultant on small arms, equipment and tactics to many police and military organizations. Adding to Mr. Bianchi's experience in weapons and equipment was his long military service, which began in the California National Guard in 1953. Starting as an enlisted man, Bianchi served both in the Guard and active duty Army. He retired for the first time in 1997 as Major General and Commanding General of the California State Military Reserve, and was recalled for a post retirement tour of duty after September 11th, 2001, retiring a second time in 2004.
In addition to his active involvement in law enforcement and military affairs, John Bianchi amassed the largest privately owned collection of memorabilia from the American West. He founded the former Frontier Museum Historical Center, which formed the basis for the Gene Autry National Center Museum in Los Angeles, California. He is a renowned historian on Western Americana.
Why America's Freedoms Aren't Free - Part 1   
Why America's Freedoms Aren't Free - Part 2   
Why America's Freedoms Aren't Free - Part 3   

Why America's Freedoms Aren't Free - Part 2
The focus from the left and other well intentioned but naive individuals would have you believe that guns are the root cause of crime in this country.
Nothing could be further from the true facts.
They cite statistics pointing to the number of gun related homicides and accidents, despite the fact that such fatalities have continually declined annually.
Here’s a surprising fact: Gun murders are at their lowest rate since 1981 and gun ownership is at it’s highest rate per capita, according to the 2012 report from
The only thing that is growing especially here in CA, is violent crime.

They ignore the fact that:
--Cities with the most stringent gun control laws have the highest percentage of gun crimes.
--They ignore the fact that the over whelming majority of gun deaths and crimes are the result of gang and drug related ethnic conflicts that are cultural, social and genetic in nature.
--The left continues to ignore the fact that in every case of mass murder and assaults the perpetrator was a mentally deranged individual whose actions were reliably predictable!
This fact is further illustrated by the number of highly publicized family members killing family members in a fit of uncontrolled, immature rage and jealousy.
This is a product of a sick society, never before seen in history…..A real people problem….not a gun problem!
Now we are getting to the core of the issue of criminal, gun related assaults.
Where do these mentally and criminally deranged individuals come from?

Here is what studies have revealed.

Politically correct, permissive societal trends have resulted in a break down of family values.
Loss of parenting skills, loss of parental control and respect for self and others.
Many children today, enter the public education system
without any sense of discipline or respect for authority.
They have not been taught basic civility, common courtesy or
social skills at home.
Take this fact for instance, a huge percentage of children today are a product of children themselves.
Consider these facts, 72% of black children are born to single mothers, 53% of Hispanic children and 29% of white children.
These children grow up in homes without a strong positive male father image.
That’s why so many young adults are simply unemployable today.
It was announced on Fox News Sunday Feb. 24th that the fair employment practices commission has recently mandated that companies must hire employees with criminal records. Why? …….. There are so many!
This fact is evidenced by the deplorable dress code of young people today that shows a total absence of a strong self image.
History tells us that when young people emulate the lowest segment of society that society is in decline.
These children then enter the shameful abysmal failure of the inner city public education system; where so many big city school systems exist solely for the benefit of the Teachers Union.
God and the Pledge of Allegiance are systematically being
removed from many schools.
It’s being replaced with emphasis on “politically correct” civil rights movements, “cultural diversity”, and the creation of false gods, in the form of rock stars….all without any redeeming social values.
Compounding this national epidemic of violence is the total absence of wholesome role models for young people to follow.
Conversely, the worst examples of violence, drug and alcohol abuse and gun violence comes from athletes in the NBA and NFL, and Hollywood celebrities from tv, film and violent video games; all without checks and balances.
Think about this, according to a recent study by the Defense Department, only 10% of “age qualified young people, 18-24 years of age, are acceptable for military service.”
The majority are disqualified due to health problems, obesity, drug use, and criminal records; a shocking revelation of the current “ME” generation.

In the generation I have just described there is an alarming number of children and young adults with undiagnosed behavioral and psychological issues.
Permissive parents and schools fail to take corrective action early on to intervene and treat the problem. Self centered and anti social attitudes have become so common place that it has become the new norm.
The “Politically Correct” notion that these misfits will eventually grow out of it has produced ticking time bombs in society.

In each case of mass murder these conditions have become obvious.

“Political Correctness” at all levels of society now threaten our national survival.
Dr. Ben Carson, a brilliant, black, pediatric neurosurgeon and author of the book “America the Beautiful” recently addressed a White House prayer breakfast and looked President Obama straight in the eye and said “Political Correctness threatens the survival of Democracy.”
This was televised on national tv for the world to see and hear.
Obama had no rebuttal.

Because society and our political leaders cannot deal with this complex social dilemma they focus on guns.

Let me give you a recent tragic example of a deranged killer in Los Angeles:
We recently witnessed a murder spree which the press described as an act of a “wronged” rogue cop.
When in fact, he was only marginally an LAPD officer for a short time and in reality a “spoiled brat” that “political correctness” force fed him through the system of life as an “endangered species”.
Elements from the far left are now portraying him as a victim of racial bias and a hero who stood up for his rights. Watch for the movie!
As the facts will eventually surface we shall see an individual with a marginal level of performance who was force fed through the system, always given the benefit of the doubt, through political correctness, while ignoring the tell tale signs of anger and resentment. The system quietly pandered to him.
Each day new facts are revealed to validate this observation.
When all the facts finally come to light we shall see that the reason and justification for dismissal from the LAPD was the final straw that broke the camels back!
And when finally, this spoiled individual didn’t get his way – he exploded, revealing years of ignored tell tale signs of mal-adjustment.
The signs were there all along as it was in all of the other acts of mass murder.
These were not random acts of violence.
They were predictable, but ignored, because our “new” society was unable to deal with the symptoms!
Tragically and predictably….there will be more until society learns how to effectively deal with the real “people” problem, not a gun problem.

Why America's Freedoms Aren't Free continues in Part 3.
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