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Bonafied Bianchi Blasts by John Bianchi
  Mr. Bianchi is Founder and Chairman of the Board (retired) of Bianchi International, the world's largest manufacturer of quality firearm accessories for police, military and sportsmen. Founded in 1958, Bianchi International now enjoys an esteemed position of stature in the firearms business. John Bianchi has been responsible for over 200 patents, trademarks and copyrights in the firearms industry during the past 50 years.
Mr. Bianchi is a former police officer and has been closely associated with the law enforcement community for over six decades. He serves as a consultant on small arms, equipment and tactics to many police and military organizations. Adding to Mr. Bianchi's experience in weapons and equipment was his long military service, which began in the California National Guard in 1953. Starting as an enlisted man, Bianchi served both in the Guard and active duty Army. He retired for the first time in 1997 as Major General and Commanding General of the California State Military Reserve, and was recalled for a post retirement tour of duty after September 11th, 2001, retiring a second time in 2004.
In addition to his active involvement in law enforcement and military affairs, John Bianchi amassed the largest privately owned collection of memorabilia from the American West. He founded the former Frontier Museum Historical Center, which formed the basis for the Gene Autry National Center Museum in Los Angeles, California. He is a renowned historian on Western Americana.
Why America's Freedoms Aren't Free - Part 1   
Why America's Freedoms Aren't Free - Part 2   
Why America's Freedoms Aren't Free - Part 3   

Why America's Freedoms Aren't Free - Part 1
Publisher’s Note: This speech regarding preserving the 2nd Amendment was given by John Bianchi at the Lincoln Club in Indian Wells, CA on March 8, 2013.

John Bianchi, author and former President of Bianchi International is shown with his lovely wife Nikki at a recent NRA Show.

The Gun issue debate must be addressed through a wide angle lens.
To do otherwise would not do justice to the big picture which is vital to the survival of democracy as we know it.
The outcome of this debate will have profound and far reaching consequences for all Americans. This debate involves three elements: Pro gun, Anti Gun, and those that have no idea what the hell is going on.

The Founders of this country were far sighted thinkers and true statesmen who risked their life and all their earthly possessions to produce and pass on to us THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE and its subsequent amendments.

Much deliberation went into the drafting of our Constitution and its first Ten Amendments.
They quickly realized that the liberties declared in the Declaration of Independence were meaningless…. Unless there was a way to insure and defend them.
They realized that the 1st Amendment guaranteeing freedom of religion, speech and the press had to have a fool proof way to insure their survival for all time.
The 1st Amendment contains all the crucial elements to insure a free society.
The 2nd Amendment provided the means by which We the People had the ability to defend our country and our freedoms from ALL threats foreign and
domestic. The 2nd Amendment is written in blood!!
The 1st and 2nd Amendments are inseparable.
Both the 1st and 2nd Amendments are under attack today.
If we weaken and allow our 2nd Amendment to be eroded…..all others will follow.

What’s all this stuff about the Gun Culture in America?
Who and what constitutes The American Gun Culture?
Let’s take a look at our uniquely American history as we formed one nation under God, threw off the yoke of tyranny in 1776 and produced the greatest
document of liberty since the Magna Carta!
We conquered an immense, wild continent as the Westward movement began!
We fought a devastating Civil War that brought this nation to its knees.
We won the American West and survived against all odds through hard work, risk and sacrifice.
We became the envy of the world.
We fought and prevailed in two World Wars. We fought and died in Korea, Vietnam and now the cesspool in the Middle East!
Where the outcome remains uncertain.

It was this cauldron of historical events that produced and continues to reinforce our commitment to our Constitutional guarantees –
that come from God and We the People. Not the Government.

We were born a nation of riflemen; it’s deeply ingrained in our national, historical, genetic make up.
That fact is an integral part of our American core values.

Our focus now, is the protection of our precious 2nd Amendment Rights, who many believe to be a sacred trust.
Briefly, but brilliantly stated, the Constitution declares “The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed!”
The 2nd Amendment is the vital key to all of the other Amendments.
Our founding fathers believed that the ultimate power must remain with the people.
The government must fear the people, the people must never fear their government.

Under John Bianchi’s leadership as President of Bianchi International, the company sold over 43 million holsters world-wide! Dennis Adler (r), wrote John’s biography entitled John Bianchi An American Legend – 50 Years of Gunleather, and both of them are shown taking a break at a recent NRA Show in St. Louis.

Who and what constitutes the 100 million law abiding patriotic American Gun culture men and women of all ages creeds and cultures?
Dan Baum, an admitted, Pro-Gun Liberal Democrat wrote in a 2 page feature story in the Sunday Feb 16, Wall Street Journal –
--“They” are proud, fiercely patriotic citizens, who understand American history.
They appreciate the artistry, technology and beauty of a hand crafted antique firearm.
--They take great pride in their skill, safety awareness and their ability to assume the ultimate responsibility of their personal security.
--They know that an armed citizenry is the ultimate form of Homeland Security.

So here we are today, divided as a society over the issue of additional gun control legislation in the wake of a series of emotionally driven, terribly tragic, criminal assaults resulting in the deaths of so many innocent victims.
Regrettably there will be many more……….. and I will tell you why!

Why America's Freedoms Aren't Free continues in Part 2.
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