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S.P. Fjestad's Lethal Blogging
  S.P. Fjestad is the author of the Blue Book of Gun Values, and has been following the firearms marketplace for nearly 30 years. Fjestad is also the publisher for several other firearms-related titles and he also serves as an editor for many of them. He attends several trade shows each year including the SHOT show, NASGW show, and the Tulsa Arms Show. He also serves on the NRA publication committee and writes “What’s It Worth” in Field & Stream, and “I Have This Old Gun” in the American Rifleman magazines.

In “Lethal Blogging,” Fjestad will report on several firearm-related subjects including news from trade shows, auction results, and other interesting subjects that arise in the gun industry. Check back regularly for information that many people outside of the gun industry might never hear about!
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Cabot Guns – Achieving Perfection Through Quality

Cabot Guns’ newest offerings include this Presidential cased pistol set featuring a mirror image left- and right-handed 1911 in the Jones Deluxe configuration, complete with custom Marvin Huey case. Without a doubt, this is the finest set of non-engraved semi-automatic pistols ever manufactured in the United States!

Custom made Marvin Huey case showcases a mahogany book matched top, complete with brass corners and a diamond shaped and inlayed plaque on top for the owner’s name and possible inscription. The quality of this Huey case rivals the finest cases manufactured for Colt’s finest and most elaborate black powder revolvers back in the mid-19th century.

Never one to rest on his laurels, Rob Bianchin and Cabot Guns LLC have just released a new set of pistols called the “Presidentials.” This exquisite set consists of a mirror image left- and right-handed 1911 style pistol in the Jones Deluxe configuration and presented in a custom Marvin Huey case. The left-hand gun of this set is a true left-handed 1911 built from the ground up with a wide left ejection port and inverted controls. It also has reverse rifling. Serial numbers are coordinated as HCF port and HCF starboard.

The fabrication of any Cabot pistol is as high-tech as it gets. As Rob proudly puts it, “The only file involved with our guns is the electronic one where the work order is contained.” The construction is labor intensive from in-house hardened tool steel but with over 120 separate operations. CNC machining, which is considered precision work by the firearms industry, is what Cabot considers its rough work before the higher precision techniques are employed. Techniques such as EDM Sink EDM Wire, CNC Jig Grinding, and CNC surface grinding modalities are employed. The fit of the guns between tang and rail is 0.0005 inches and they are perfectly straight. This accuracy is achieved through CNC surface grinding, which is ten times more accurate than CNC machining and is controlled to 20,000,000th of an inch.

Talk about eye appeal! With 5 in. post-custom National Match grade barrels, polished feed ramps, lowered and flared ejection ports, hand polished Cabot black mirror bluing, titanium firing pins, CNC engraved star on guide rods, Cabot design barrel bushings, exhibition grade Arizona Sonoran Desert Ironwood grips, stainless paired magazines with engine turned polishing (like they used to use on Duesenberg dashboards), this bespoke set of pistols represents the best quality and accuracy money can buy. Prices for these sets start at $13,000, and with all options the price goes up to $25,000.

The Presidential sets, like all other Cabots, are the collective work of a team of over 70 of America's finest journeymen toolmakers, engineers, and master craftsmen. Cabot’s Jones Deluxe pistols are hand polished - no buffing wheels - for days under a microscope using stones, rubbing, and diamond compounds so that the flats are exactly flat with no broken edges and the rounds are truly round. The hand polishing is completed to a 2 micron finish, which is like a mirror. So the mirror image pistol sets also have a mirror image finish. Looking into the side of the slide reveals a true reflection without the fun house mirror effect. The guns are finished in a double bluing to match the prized black mirror finish.

One of the last things I told Rob on my way to the Denver airport back in 2011 was, “This Cabot Jones Model is the Rolls Royce of 1911s.” Nothing has changed, except now you can buy a set!

Below is the link to the original Cabot Gun of the Week posted 11/14/11.

Images and some information courtesy of Cabot Guns LLC.

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