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S.P. Fjestad's Lethal Blogging
  S.P. Fjestad is the author of the Blue Book of Gun Values, and has been following the firearms marketplace for nearly 30 years. Fjestad is also the publisher for several other firearms-related titles and he also serves as an editor for many of them. He attends several trade shows each year including the SHOT show, NASGW show, and the Tulsa Arms Show. He also serves on the NRA publication committee and writes “What’s It Worth” in Field & Stream, and “I Have This Old Gun” in the American Rifleman magazines.

In “Lethal Blogging,” Fjestad will report on several firearm-related subjects including news from trade shows, auction results, and other interesting subjects that arise in the gun industry. Check back regularly for information that many people outside of the gun industry might never hear about!
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Cabot Guns – Achieving Perfection Through Accuracy

A pair of champions! Brian “Gunny” Zins (l) has won 12 Camp Perry National Pistol Championships – the last two with Cabot pistols. Rob Bianchin is the President and driving force behind Cabot Guns, LLC – there’s nothing he wouldn’t do to make his pistols the highest quality and the most accurate available, and no expense is spared on this behalf.

The first time I met Rob Bianchin, he was sitting at the table inside the cluttered employee lunch room in back of Rich Wyatt’s Gunsmoke store in Wheat Ridge, CO. With a fresh haircut, black Elvis Costello-type glasses, and Brooks Brothers attire, he looked more like an investment banker than a gun guy, even from a manufacturer’s perspective.

R.L. Wilson and I joined him at the table after just having finished up our segment of an American Guns episode after appraising a stolen (we didn’t know about this until later) original Colt Military 3rd Model Dragoon and a fake Colt Walker. But that’s another story.

Rob and I immediately hit it off, and then we started talking about the exquisitely finished Jones full sized 1911 model that he had brought with him in an interesting clear display case. I examined the outside of the gun very carefully, and the fit and finish of the exterior metal parts and wood grips were the best I’d ever seen. Having seen plenty of cosmetically beautiful “cream puffs” in the past that are typically gun safe queens, and not shot very much, one of my first questions was, “What kind of accuracy do you get out of a pistol like this?” The immediate answer was, “A one-inch grouping of 25 yards on a machine rest is normal.”

This is a standard Cabot Bullseye model that Brian Zins used to win the 2013 National Pistol Championship. Note the 10-X target area is well perforated, as it should be, especially when shooting 2,634 out of a possible 2,700 points, including 126 Xs! The competition ammunition used is provided by ASYM Precision Ammunition.

More on the accuracy of Cabot pistols shortly. Below is the link to the original Cabot Gun of the Week posted 11/14/11.

Since then, I have seen Rob at a variety of consumer and trade shows, both domestically and internationally. At the recent IWA Show in Nurenburg, Germany, I walked by Cabot’s gun display on late Monday night, the last day of the show. Rob’s booth was located as far away from the front entrance as possible, and his comment to me was, “You really do scour these shows, don’t you?” It’s been mutual respect ever since.

The NRA holds its National Pistol Championship each year at Camp Perry in Port Clinton, OH. This year, as a result of the heavy rainfall in the days and weeks leading up to the matches, competitors took to the firing line amidst mud and standing water, in some cases shooting while submerged to their shins. Conditions were also challenging with shooters facing a typical 10-15 mph winds with gusts reaching almost 25 mph.

Brian “Gunny” Zins, the winner of the 2013 NRA National Pistol Championship in Camp Perry. 2013 marks the 110th Anniversary of the National Pistol matches at Camp Perry – termed the “World Series of Shooting Sports”. Shooting disciplines include the 50 yard slow fire and 25 yard rapid fire. Yes, the logo on his belt buckle is earned and well deserved!

Cabot Guns’ marksman, Brian “Gunny” Zins won again this year with a score of 2,634 out of a possible 2,700, including 126 Xs and 16 points ahead of the next competitor. Not only is this Zins’ 12th National Championship title, but it also represents back-to-back consecutive national titles for Cabot and Zins (Cabot has only fielded a team the last two years), and a victory from the field of 643 of the world’s best pistol marksmen and equipment. Zins’ .45 cal. competition pistol is a standard production model Cabot 1911 with a new integrated optics rail milled directly into the slide allowing his Aimpoint H1 red dot sight to be aligned close to the pistol’s bore axis.

CREDITS: Some information and images courtesy of Cabot Guns, LLC.

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