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Blue Book's Top Ten
  The Blue Book of Gun Values Top Ten Firearms Industry Awards for innovation and excellence in firearms and related accessories gets awarded to armsmakers and others in the firearms industry that rollout with new an innovative guns and products each year at the SHOT Show. We are always drawn to those that exhibit exceptional innovation or are of historic importance. In every instance, there is something very interesting about the gun/product featured here and why it is worthy of mention in this blog. Prepare to be astounded, enriched with history, and enticed to add to your collection.
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Blue Book of Gun Values 2015 TOP TEN Firearms Industry Awards (Part II)

AM-TAC Precision Hush Puppy

A cartridge that hits harder than any other round (beyond 150 yards) from a standard-sized AR, plus looks COOL as hell, and only requires a barrel swap? Sign me up! AM-TAC has introduced a very well thought out cartridge that adds additional performance and eloquently blends the best features from .300blk and .458 Socom style cartridges. It has hard-hitting up-close performance with a sectional density that rivals the .458, and the long range ballistic coefficient enables it to hold its speed at a great distance. We really think this will be more than just a novelty if manufacturers and ammo suppliers take notice.

AM-TAC's website

Silencerco’s Salvo 12

A commercially-viable shotgun suppressor. Not much more needs to be said, but we will say that this suppresser is elegant, functional, and brings the noise down to a respectable 136db, well below the OSHA ear-safe minimum. Really, it’s a true first in the shotgun world for suppressors, at least from a viability standpoint as all the others we’ve seen are little more than proofs of concepts. We’re as impressed with their “#FightTheNoise” marketing campaign as we are with the suppressor itself. By positioning “evil silencers” in a more suitable and less threatening light, (as they truly are!), we’re hoping the general public takes notice and suggests to their respective politicians that NFA regulation of these devices is unwanted and unnecessary.

Gun Blocker

What’s the first thing everybody does when they receive a new gun? They toss that ridiculous and flimsy cheap red cable lock. It’s clumsy to use, clunky, and the same goes for the typical trigger lock. Enter Gun Blocker’s new take on disabling the use of a firearm. This device is small, elegant, and very effective from what we saw at SHOT Show. The tiny device resides in the chamber and barrel of the pistol and completely renders the pistol useless, but without being obtrusive, flimsy, or in the way. Really, it’s a clever design and one that we think will catch on at the OEM level, as there is not only a likely cost savings over the typical red cable lock (once manufacturing economies of scale are refined), but also a branding and user acceptance gain as it’s functional and likely to be put into use by the gun’s owner.

Leupold & Stevens D-Evo

Remember the advent of picture-in-picture TV? Well, this completely new style of optic from Leupold offers a very distinct advantage over traditional scope/magnified optics and red-dot style sights. Virtually on the same plane, the shooter is afforded a magnified (6x) optic with tactical holdover reticle just below a rapid acquisition red dot sight. Really, with just a slight head movement, the shooter can choose two styles of optic without flipping a lever, twisting a ring, or flipping a magnifier over. It’s really an innovative step forward in our opinion. In typical Leupold fashion, the optics are clear, the reticle crisp, and the application of the sight is rather ingenious.

Leupold's website

Sharpshooter 22 Long Rifle Reloading Kit

Right now, .22LR ammo is as tough to find as an honest politician. Once plentiful and cheap, .22s have just flat out disappeared, and the light at the end of the tunnel looks pretty dim. Enter the Sharpshooter .22 reloader kit. It’s a comprehensive kit to enable one to cast his/her own bullets and reuse the once discarded .22 casings. It’s very similar in concept to traditional metallic cartridge reloading, but with a few nuances unique only to rimfire cartridges. You’ll need to take a few extra steps in reloading this ammo, especially compared with the sheer volume one can crank out with a modern progressive press (this may leave you slightly disappointed), but you can STILL RELOAD .22S! We think this will catch on (given the shortage continues). Refined and component availability (bullets) and further mechanization will allow for even more viability with “rolling your own” .22s. At a cost of three bricks of .22s in today’s prices, $149 isn’t unreasonable.

Sharpshooter's website
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Blue Book's Top Ten
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