Current rifle manufacturer located in Portsmouth, England. Accuracy International North America Inc. located in Fredericksburg, VA offers both law enforcement and military sales. Currently distributed by Euro Optic Limited (civilian sales only) located in Montoursville, PA and by Mile High Shooting Accessories (law enforcement and civilian sales), located in Broomfield, CO. Previously distributed by SRT Supply, located in St. Petersburg, FL, Tac Pro Shooting Center, located in Mingus, TX, and previously imported until 1998 by Gunsite Training Center, located in Paulden, AZ.


.243 Win., .260 Rem., .308 Win., or 6.5 Creedmoor cal., 20 or 24 in. stainless barrel, 5 shot mag., Harris bipod attachment point, four sling attachment points, Picatinny rail, black, Green, or Dark Earth finish, approx. 8.5 lbs. Imported 2002-2020.
.243 Win. (new 2000), .260 Rem., .300 Win. Mag., .308 Win., .338 Lapua Mag. (disc. 2012), or 6.5 Creedmoor cal., precision bolt action, 20, 24, 26, or 27 (disc.) in. 1:12 twist stainless steel standard threaded or fluted barrel with or w/o muzzle brake, 10 shot detachable mag., green synthetic folding (military/LE only) thumbhole adj. stock, 3-lug bolt, Al bipod, 14 lbs. Imported 1995-2018.
.308 Win. cal., similar to AW Model, except has 20 or 24 in. barrel w/o muzzle brake, 15 lbs. Imported 1995-2007.
.300 Win. Mag. or .338 Lapua Mag. cal., 6-lug bolt, 26 or 27 in. 1:9/1:10 twist stainless steel fluted barrel with muzzle brake, 5 shot mag., 15 1/2 lbs. Imported 1995-2009.
.308 Win. cal., available with either NRA prone or UIT style stock, 30 in. stainless steel fluted barrel, designed for competition shooting, laminated stock. Disc. 2002.
.22 BR, 6mm BR, .243 Win., .308 Win., 6.5x55mm, or 7.5x55mm cal., designed for slow and rapid fire international and military shooting competition, 10 shot mag., two-stage trigger. Disc. 2002.
.22 Middlestead, .22 BR, .22-250 Rem., .223 Rem., 6mm BR, .243 Win., .308 Win., or 7mm-08 Rem. cal., 26 in. fluted stainless steel barrel. Mfg. 1997-2002.
.50 BMG cal., advanced ergonomic design, built-in anti-recoil system, 5 shot mag., adj. third supporting leg, folding stock, 27 in. fluted barrel with muzzle brake, Picatinny rail, approx. 30 lbs. Mfg. 1998-2012.
.243 Win., .260 Rem., .308 Win., .338 Lapua Mag., or 6.5 Creedmoor cal., 10 shot mag., 20, 24, 26, or 27 in. barrel with or w/o muzzle brake, Picatinny rail, pistol grip with adj. cheekpiece, fixed buttpad with additional spacers, folding chassis, choice of green, black, or Dark Earth finished hardware.
.50 BMG cal., 27 in. stainless match grade barrel with triple chamber muzzle brake, proofed steel action bolted to aluminum chassis, 5 shot detachable mag., Mil-Std 1913 action and forend rail, 6 lug 60 degree bolt with A1 leaf spring extractor, 2-pos. safety, two-stage trigger, integrated quick adjust butt spike and cheekpiece, left folding stock, green, black, or Dark Earth finished hardware, 27 1/2 lbs.
.308 Win. (disc., reintroduced 2020), .300 Win. Mag., or .338 Lapua Mag. cal., sniper configuration, solid steel, flat bottomed action bolts to combat tested AI chassis, 20, 24, 26 (disc.), or 27 in. stainless steel plain barrel threaded for muzzle, QuickLoc barrel release system, 10 shot CIP length double stack mag., 6 lug, 60 degree bolt with leaf spring extractor, two-stage trigger with adj. shoe, right side folding stock over bolt, adj. cheekpiece, adj. buttpad with spacers, pistol grip, 3-pos. safety, full length NATO STANAG 4694/Mil-Std. 1913 rail, 16 in. forend tube rail, accessory rails, QD flush cup sling attachments, black, Dark Earth, green, Pale Brown, or Sage Green stock, available in right or left (new 2016) hand configuration, 12.4-15 lbs. New 2014.
.308 Win. cal., 20, 24, or 26 in. stainless steel barrel threaded for muzzle brake, detachable 10 shot double stack mag., 3-pos. safety, two-stage trigger, right side folding stock with adj. cheekpiece, adj. buttpad with spacers, pistol grip, Picatinny rail, 13 in. forend tube and accessory rails, 60 degree bolt with leaf spring extractor, black or green stock with black metal work or pale brown stock and metalwork, 13.7 lbs. New 2014.
.308 Win. or 6.5 Creedmoor cal., 20, 24, or 26 in. stainless steel plain barrel, threaded for A1 muzzle brake, Quickloc quick release barrel system bolted and bonded to aluminum chassis, detachable 10 shot double stack mag., extractor, 3-pos. safety, two-stage adj. trigger, fixed stock with adj. cheekpiece and LOP, pistol grip, fixed buttpad with spacers, 1913 action rail, black, green, or pale brown stock, black metal finish, 13.9 lbs. New 2014.