Previous firearms manufacturer located in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada 1988-2003.
Armament Technology discontinued making bolt action rifles in 2003. Currently, the company is distributing optical rifle sights only.


.308 Win. or .300 Win. Mag. (disc. 2000) cal., similar to AT1-M24, except has detachable mag., adj. cheekpiece, and buttstock adj. for LOP, includes 3.5-10x30mm tactical scope and Mil-Spec shipping case, 1/2 in. MOA guaranteed, available in left-hand action, 14.9 lbs. Mfg. 1998-2003.
.308 Win. cal., similar to AT1-C24, except is not available in left-hand, 15.9 lbs. Mfg. 2001-2003.
.223 Rem. (new 1998), .308 Win., or .300 Win. Mag. (disc. 2000) cal., tactical rifle with competition tuned right-hand or left-hand Rem. 700 action, stainless steel barrel, Kevlar reinforced fiberglass stock, Harris bipod, matte black finish, competition trigger, 1/2 in. MOA guaranteed, 14.9 lbs. Disc. 2003.