Previous importer and distributor located in Santa Rosa, CA.
On April 1, 1993, Beeman Precision Arms, Inc. was split into two independent companies: Beeman Precision Airguns, a division of S/R Industries (Maryland Corp.), located in Huntington Beach, CA retains worldwide distribution of Beeman airguns and accessories. Beeman Outdoor Sports, a Division of Robert's Precision Arms, Inc., located in Santa Rosa, CA distributed Feinwerkbau firearms until 1995.
Beeman Precision Arms, Inc. was a large volume importer, primarily specializing in high quality European air rifles and pistols. Firearms trademarks previously distributed in the U.S. include the following trademarks: Agner (disc. 1986), Erma (disc. 1985), FAS (disc. 1987), Fabarm (disc. 1985), Feinwerkbau, Korth (disc. 1990), Krico (disc. 1988), Unique (disc. 1991), and Weihrauch (disc.). These trademarks appear under their respective alphabetical headings.
For more information and current pricing on both new and used Beeman Precision Airguns, please refer to the Blue Book of Airguns - also available as an online subscription.
The following firearms were manufactured to Beeman specifications, and are therefore listed under the Beeman Outdoor Sports heading.


.380 ACP cal., Luger type toggle action, 3 1/2 in. barrel, 6 shot mag., blue, 1.4 lbs. Mfg. 1968-90.
.22 LR cal., Luger type toggle action, 8 shot mag., 3.8 in. barrel, blue, checkered walnut grips, 1.9 lbs. Mfg. 1969-1990.
.22 LR cal., designed for silhouette shooting, 10 in. heavy bull barrel, blue metal parts, birchwood stocks and forearm, aperture sights, 3.9 lbs. Disc. 1994.
.22 LR cal., similar to Model SPX, except has matte chrome metal finish, hand stippled walnut grips, and Ansch├╝tz rear sight. Limited mfg. 1993-94.
.22 LR cal., sidelever action, 8, 10, 12, or 15 in. barrel, adj. sights and walnut grips, single shot. Made in W. Germany. Imported 1985-86 only.
.22 LR cal., similar to SP Standard, except has forearm, about 3 1/2 lbs. Made in W. Germany. Imported 1985-86 only.