Previous manufacturer located in Gaggenau, Germany circa 1892-1944. Re-established in 1931 under Bergmann Erben.


8mm "Bergmann Schmeisser" cal. Extremely rare.
8mm cal., military contract. Rarely seen.
7.8mm cal., commercial manufacture. May be fit with shoulder stock.
.25 cal., Models I, II, and Special (.32 cal.).
8mm cal., 2.7 in. barrel, 10 shot mag., scaled down design, first and most common variation has mag. release button in front of mag. housing, later and much scarcer version has push-button mag. release mounted on side of frame. Mfg. circa 1901-1914.
9mm Bergmann/Bayard cal., identified by a mounted knight on the left magazine housing and is without finger cuts at base of magazine housing.
9mm Bergmann/Bayard cal., total contract was for 3,000 pistols, can be identified from standard commercial pistols by the Spanish military acceptance stamp struck on the receiver.
9mm Bergmann/Bayard cal., mechanically similar to Model 1908 Standard Commercial except has finger cuts in bottom of magazine housing, circular grooves are present on each side of magazine base.
9mm Bergmann/Bayard cal., total contract was for 4,840 pistols with mfg. and delivery 1911-1914. This variation can be identified by the Danish proof mark on the left receiver side and Danish inventory number on right side of receiver. Most pistols were converted in Denmark, Trolite grips were part of the original conversion, followed later by wood replacements, Converted pistols are marked "1910/21". Few pistols escaped conversion and have just Trolite replacement grips, those pistols lack the "1910/21" marking.
9mm Bergmann/Bayard cal., these pistols are marked "Haerens Tojhus" and are numbered from 1-900, original grips were black Trolit, replacement grips are either all smooth or with checkered circles above and below grip screw.
9mm Bergmann/Bayard cal., pistols are marked "Haerens Rustkammer", and numbered 901-2204, grip replacements are the same as noted for Haerens Tojhus.