Previous trademark manufactured 1983-1986 by Dornaus & Dixon Ent., Inc., located in Huntington Beach, CA.
Bren 10 magazines played an important part in the failure of these pistols to be accepted by consumers. Originally, Bren magazines were not shipped in some cases until a year after the customer received his gun. The complications arising around manufacturing a reliable dual caliber magazine domestically led to the downfall of this company. For this reason, original Bren 10 magazines are currently selling for $150-$175 if new (watch for fakes). Standard Black Hogue grips selling for $75-$100.


10mm cal. only, semi-auto selective double action design, blue slide/silver frame finish, 5 in. barrel, 11 shot, stainless steel frame, usually supplied with two mags. although early mfg. did not include a mag. because of design problems, "83SM" ser. no. prefix. Mfg. 1984-86.
10mm cal. only, DA/SA, identical to standard model, except has all black finish, 5 in. barrel, "83MP" ser. no. prefix. Mfg. 1984-1986.
10mm cal. only, DA/SA, 4 in. barrel, commercial version of the military pistol submitted to the U.S. govĀ“t. Model D has dark finish. Model L has light finish, "SFD" ser. no. prefix on Model D, "SFL" ser. no. prefix on Model L. Disc. 1986.
10mm and .45 ACP cal., supplied with extra slide and barrel (numbered to gun) to accommodate the .45 ACP, same mags. (two) for both cals., extra fine finish, light scroll engraving, with wood presentation case, "83DM" ser. no. prefix, less than 50 mfg. Disc. 1986.
10mm cal. only, while 2,000 were annnounced for mfg., sources now believe that approx. 5 were actually made, 22Kt. gold plated detailing, laser engraved stocks, special presentation chest. Disc. 1986.
.45 ACP cal., approx. less than 250 mfg. (in its own ser. range) for "The Marksman" retail shop in Chicago, action similar to Bren 10 Standard Model, "MSM" ser. no. prefix.