Current manufacturer (airguns only since circa 1986) and trademark established in 1861 and located in Birmingham, England. BSA (Birmingham Small Arms) currently manufactures airguns only. No current U.S. importation. English made BSA firearms were imported until 1985 by Precision Sports from Ithaca, NY and 1986 by BSA Guns Ltd., located in Grand Prairie, TX. Imported and distributed until 1989 by Samco Global Arms, Inc., located in Miami, FL.
For more information and current pricing on both new and used BSA airguns, please refer to the Blue Book of Airguns - also available as an online subscription.


.243 Win., .270 Win., .308 Win., .30-06, or .458 Win. Mag. cal., 22 in. barrel, folding sight, checkered European style stock. Mfg. 1959-1965.
.222 Rem., .22 Hornet, .243 Win., 7x57mm, .308 Win., or .30-06 cal., heavier barrel.
similar to Majestic Deluxe, but American design stock. Mfg. 1965-74.
similar to Monarch Deluxe, except .222 Rem. or .243 Win. cal., 24 in. heavy barrel. Disc.
.22 LR cal. only, single shot, bolt action, similar to CFT Model. Disc. 1985.
.222 Rem., .22-250 Rem., .243 Win., 6.5x55mm, 7x57mm, 7x64mm, 7mm Rem. Mag., .270 Win., .308 Win., .30-06, or .300 Win. Mag. cal., bolt action, barrel length 23-26 in., 7 1/2-8 lbs. CF-2 nomenclature designates an action rather than a model. The following are CF-2 actioned models.
same cals. as CF-2, checkered oil finished walnut stock. Imported 1986-87.
.222 Rem. - .243 Win. cals. only, heavy barrel, matte finish, with swivels. Imported 1986 only.
.222 Rem., .22-250 Rem., or .243 Win. cal., approx. 9 lbs., no sights.
Mannlicher style full-length stock, same general specifications as Sporter/Classic, 20 1/2 in. barrel. Not available in 7mm Rem. Mag. or .300 Win. Mag. cal.
similar to Sporter Model, except has slim classic European style stock with Schnabel forend, deluxe walnut with extra checkering, ebony forend cap, engraved action and floorplate. Limited importation 1986 only.
7.62x51mm NATO cal., single shot, bolt action, globe front and aperture rear sights, 26 1/2 in. barrel, 11 lbs. Disc. 1987.
.22 LR cal., 29 in. barrel, target sights, straight stock, pre-WWII.
various cals., pre-WWII mfg. many configurations and barrel lengths. Pricing takes into consideration most commonly encountered types with no engraving or special orders.
various cals., mostly military issue, many thousands previously imported into the U.S. from England, many have been sporterized or modified.
.310 cal., mfg. by BSA and W.W. Greener, Francotte patent one-piece take out action, various rear sight configurations, some have been converted to modern cartridges.
similar to No. 12 Martini, except has pistol grip stock, better grade target sights, pre-WWII.
similar to Model 15, except was guaranteed to shoot a 1 1/2 in. or less group at 100 yards, 24 in. barrel, pre-WWII.
similar to Model 15, except made after WWII.
lighter version of No. 12 Martini.
similar to Model 13, except has sport sights.
.22 LR cal., 29 in. heavy barrel, international sights. Mfg. 1950-53.
improved trigger, ejectors, and stock design. Mfg. 1953-1959.
longer action, floating barrel. Mfg. 1959-1967.
modeled to meet ISU standards, 28 in. barrel. Mfg. 1968-disc.
similar to ISU, but heavier barrel, mfg. 1976-disc.
12 or 20 ga., 3 in. chambers, 26 or 28 in. barrels, multi-chokes, hand-checkered Turkish walnut stock, blue receiver, gold SST, extractors (Silver Eagle) or ejectors (Silver Eagle II). Imported 2004-06.
12 or 20 ga., 3 in. chambers, boxlock action, 26, 28, or 30 in. barrels, Beretta style multichokes, laser-checkered Field Grade walnut stock with Schnabel forend, ejectors, case colored engraved receiver, gold SST. Imported 2004-06.
12 ga., 2 3/4 in. chambers, 28 or 30 in. ported barrels, multichokes, checkered walnut target stock, ejectors, silver finished engraved receiver, trigger guard, safety, and opening lever, gold SST. Imported 2004-06.
12, 16, 20, 28 ga., or .410 bore, 2 3/4 (16 or 28 ga.) or 3 in. chambers, 26 or 28 in. barrels with Beretta style choke tubes, checkered select walnut stock with Prince of Wales pistol grip, ejectors, case colored hardened receiver, gold SST, semi-beavertail forend. Imported 2004-06.
12 or 20 ga., 3 in. chambers, 26 or 28 in. barrels with Beretta style choke tubes, checkered select walnut stock. Imported 2005-06.
12, 16, 20, 28 ga., or .410 bore, 2 3/4 (16, 28 ga. or .410 bore), 3 or 3 1/2 (Model 312 only) in. chamber, 24 (Model 312 only), 26 or 28 in. barrels, vent. rib, multichokes, synthetic or checkered Turkish walnut stock, blue receiver, gold trigger, drilled and tapped, firing pin block. Imported 2004-06.