Previously manufactured by Dan Coonan, and distributed from November 1994-September 1998 by JS Worldwide Distribution Co. located in Maplewood, MN. Previously located in St. Paul, MN, approx. 1983-1996.
During 1985, Dan Coonan sold Coonan Arms to Bill Davis. In 1990, Dan Coonan left the company, and during July 1994, the company filed for Chapter 11. Coonan Arms was incorporated by JS Worldwide Distribution in November 1994. On Sept. 25, 1998, Coonan Arms and JS Worldwide Distribution was dissolved by the state of MN.


.357 Mag. cal. only, stainless steel and alloy construction, single action, semi-auto, design based on the Colt Model 1911, 7 shot mag., 5 or 6 (new 1989) in. barrel, smooth or checkered (new 1996) walnut grips, Teflon finish options (new 1996), 42 oz. Mfg. 1983-1998.
similar to .357 Mag. Model B, except is compact variation with 3.9 in. barrel and 6 shot mag., 39 oz. Mfg. 1993-98.
features standard grip with 7/8 shot mag. Mfg. 1996-98.
features 5 in. barrel with integral compensator, Millett white/orange outline sights, checkered black walnut grips, Teflon black and matte stainless two-tone finish, 42 oz. Mfg. 1996-98.
original model without above listed improvements, special order only, inventory depleted in 1991. Serialization is under 2,000 for this model (less than 1,200 were mfg.).
.41 Mag. cal., 5 in. barrel, smooth or checkered walnut grips. Only 1 mfg. circa 1997-1998.