Current manufacturer established in 1919, located in Strakonice, Czech Republic. No current U.S. importation. Previously imported by Adco Sales, Inc., located in Woburn, MA.


9mm Para. cal., DA/SA, 4 3/4 in. barrel, steel frame, 10 shot mag., blue finish only. Limited importation 2004 only.
9mm Para., .40 S&W, or .45 ACP cal., DA/SA, polymer frame, 3.77 in. ported or unported barrel, matte finish, 10 shot mag., 26.1 oz. Imported 2004-2006.
similar to CZ-TT, except has shorter barrel. Limited importation 2004 only.
.38 Super or .45 ACP cal., standard size government model with 5 in. barrel, black matte finish. Limited importation 2004.
9mm Para. cal., 5 in. barrel, 16 shot mag., DA/SA, manual safety lever, matte blue finish, checkered wood grips.