Previous manufacturer located in Dachau, Germany (Erma-Werke production) until bankruptcy occurred in October of 1997. Pistols were previously imported and distributed by Precision Sales International, Inc. located in Westfield, MA, Nygord Precision Products located in Prescott, AZ, and Mandall's Shooting Supplies, Inc. located in Scottsdale, AZ. Previously distributed by Excam located in Hialeah, FL.
Erma-Werke also manufactured private label handguns for American Arms Inc. (refer to their section for listings).


.22 LR cal., similar action and styling as the Luger. Mfg. 1964-67.
.32 ACP or .380 ACP cal., Luger type toggle action, 3 1/2 (Beeman) or 4 in. barrel, 6 shot mag., blued finish, 1.4 lbs. Mfg. 1968-disc.
.22 LR cal., Luger type toggle action, 8 shot mag., 3 3/4 in. barrel, blue, plastic (disc.) or checkered walnut grips. Mfg. 1969-disc.
.22 LR or .32 S&W Long Wadcutter cal., blowback semi-auto, 6 in. barrel, 5 or 8 (.32 S&W only) shot mag., choice of sporting or adj. stippled match grips with thumbrest, fully adj. and interchangeable sights, gun is supplied with 1 extra weight, extra mag., sights, disassembly tools, and attaché style case ($134 option) with foam rubber cut-outs, 2 1/2 lbs. Imported 1989-97.
includes both .22 LR and .32 S&W Long Wadcutter barrels and mags., cased with accessories, complete set was disc. 1991.
.22 LR cal., 11 3/4 in. barrel, blue rear ramp sight, checkered walnut grips and uncheckered forearm, adj. artillery type rear sight, rarely seen.
.22 LR cal., DA/SA, copy of the Walther PPK, 3 1/4 in. barrel, 8 shot mag., black or brown plastic grips, blued finish only, 17 oz. Assembled in the U.S. Disc. 1986.
.25 ACP cal., 7 shot, 2 3/4 in. barrel, blue finish, fixed sights with grips.
.22 LR cal., standard or match gun with special adj. contoured grips with stippling, 6 in. barrel, action similar to ER-777, fully adj. and extended rear sight, interchangeable front sight, 3 lbs. Imported 1990-94.
.32 S&W Long Wadcutter cal., otherwise similar to ER-772 Match, 2.9 lbs. Imported 1990-95.
.357 Mag. cal., 6 shot, 4 or 5 1/2 in. barrel, solid rib and full barrel shroud, adj. target rear sight, blue steel, checkered sport grips, 2 3/4 lbs. Imported 1990-95.
.22 LR cal., blowback operated replica of the US M1 Carbine, 10 or 15 shot mag., 18 in. barrel, rear adj. aperture sight, 5.6 lbs. Mfg. 1966-97.
similar to EM-1 except for unslotted buttstock, 5 shot mag.
.22 WMR cal., gas operated locking bolt operated replica of the US M1 Carbine, otherwise similar to EM-1 carbine, 19 3/8 in. barrel, 5 or 12 shot mag., rear adj. aperture sight, 6.8 lbs. Imported/Distributed by Excam from 1978-circa 1985.
.22 LR cal., Win. Model 94 copy, tube mag., 18 1/2 in. barrel. Mfg. 1976-97.
.22 WMR cal., 19 1/4 in. barrel, 12 shot mag, iron sights, blued finish only. Mfg. 1973-1997.
.22 LR cal. only, copy of the lever action Win. Model 92, 18 1/2 in. octagonal barrel, deluxe walnut silver plated receiver and barrel bands, 15 shot, iron sights. Disc.
.22 LR cal., external hammer, 18 1/2 in. barrel, 15 shot mag. Mfg. 1970-76.
.22 LR cal. only, 18 1/2 in. barrel, 15 shot, iron sights, blue only. Disc. 1985.