FABBRI s.n.c.

Current manufacturer established during 1965, currently located in Nave (Brescia), Italy since 2007. Previously located in Concesio. Fabbri shotguns are sold directly worldwide, but exclusive agent located in Oxfordshire, UK is Callvert Sporting.
Ivo Fabbri and Daniele Perazzi were partners in a shotgun manufacturing business beginning in 1960; these guns are ser. no. 5001-5339. Circa 1965, Fabbri and Perazzi split up and formed their own individual companies. "Armi Fabbri" relocated from Brescia to Concesio during 1969 and underwent a name change from Armi Fabbri to Fabbri s.n.c. during 1989. The first CNC machine was installed during 1974. Currently, Fabbri s.n.c. engravers include Creative Art, Pedersoli, Torcoli, and Fracassi. In-house engravers include Mario Terzi, Laura Vibrioni, Luisa Garlasche, and Erika Pedretti. Fabbri manufactures perhaps the highest quality shotguns available in today's marketplace - approx. 20-30 guns are manufactured annually. Delivery times range from 2-4 years.

FABBRI s.n.c. Models

12 or 20 ga., one of the world's best sidelock SxS shotguns, ejectors, full engraving, "E" prefix ser. no., two types of back action. Disc.
12, 20, 28 (disc.) ga. or .410 bore (disc.), top-of-the-line quality with advanced CNC metal fabrication, steel, stainless steel (new 2002), or titanium construction, any combination of engraving, wood, and other options. Unique full laser welded stainless steel barrels. Both the type/style of engraving and the engraver will make a big difference on the current value of a custom ordered Fabbri O/U shotgun. Because engraving alone can add $50,000+ to the cost of a new shotgun, a qualified appraisal from a reputable dealer/collector is advised when buying or selling recently manufactured Fabbri O/U shotguns.