Previously manufactured by Femaru-Fegyver és Gépgyár R.T. located in Budapest, Hungary.


7.65mm Roth/Steyr cal., rare and only infrequently encountered. Estimated serial range 1-10,000.
.380 ACP cal., 3.93 in. barrel, 8 shot mag., identifiable by squared-off rear slide with vertical serrations, two-piece walnut grips, approx. 50,000 mfg.
.32 ACP or .380 ACP cal., 3.93 in. barrel, 8 shot mag., commercial blue finish, left slide marking "FEMARU FEGYVER ES GEPGYAR RT. 37M", vertically grooved 2-piece walnut grips, approx. 200,000 mfg. (.380 ACP cal.) for Hungarian service before Nazi variations began (dubbed "Pistole Modell 37 (ung)," circa 1941), Nazi marked "jhv 41" or "jhv 44", 27 oz.
.32 ACP or .380 ACP cal., 6 or 7 shot, 3 7/8 in. barrel, fixed sights, blue, rubber grips, locked breech, external hammer. Mfg. 1912-1920.
.32 ACP or .380 ACP cal., 2 in. barrel, 5 or 6 shot, external hammer, fixed sights, rubber grips, locked breech, blue finish.
.25 ACP cal., blowback action, 6 shot, 2.14 in. barrel, blue, hard rubber grips. Mfg. in early 1920s.