Current manufacturer, importer, and distributor located in Martinsburg, WV. Gibbs manufactured rifles with the Gibbs trademark in Martinsburg, WV 1991-1994, in addition to importing Mauser-Werke firearms until 1995. Dealer and distributor sales.
In the past, Gibbs Rifle Company, Inc. imported a variety of older firearms, including British military rifles and handguns (both original and refurbished condition), a good selection of used military contract pistols and rifles, in addition to other shooting products and accessories, including a bipod patterned after the Parker-Hale M-85.
Gibbs Rifle Company, Inc. has imported and manufactured military collectibles, historical remakes, and special sporting rifles. All rifles are carefully inspected, commercially cleaned and boxed to ensure their quality, and all have a limited lifetime warranty. Gibbs Rifle Company, Inc. also offered membership in the Gibbs Military Collectors Club, an organization dedicated to military firearms collectors.


11mm Mauser cal., 31 1/2 in. barrel, available in good original or refurbished condition, 10 lbs. Imported 1999-2004.
8mm Mauser (7.92x57mm) cal., good original condition, 30 in. barrel, 10 lbs. Imported 1999-2004.
.308 Win. cal., rebarreled by the Israeli Arsenal Ha´as, various makers, 23.6 in. barrel, original condition (offered in 3 grades), 9 lbs. Imported 1999-2003.
.270 Win. or .30-06 cal., Mauser M-98 type action, blue finish, sporterized checkered hardwood stock and forend, 24 in. Wilson barrel. Mfg. in Martinsburg, WV 1998-99.
.308 Win. cal., sporterized action features black enamel refinish, synthetic stock, 12 shot mag., and choice of 18 (carbine) or 22 1/2 (rifle) in. barrel with Parker-Hale muzzle brake, approx. 10 lbs. Mfg. 1999 only.
.303 British cal., older No. 4 Enfield barreled action with newly manufactured stock, bayonet lug and flash hider have been added, 20 in. barrel, 7 3/4 lbs. Imported 1999-2004, reintroduced 2010 with camo synthetic stock. Disc.
.308 Win. cal., older 2A action with reconfigured original wood, flash hider and bayonet lug have been added, 20 in. barrel, 8 lbs. Imported 1999-2004.
.303 British cal., updated No. 5 Enfield action, 20 in. barrel with compensator/flash hider, electroless nickel metal finish, new buttstock with survival kit packaged in butt trap, 7 3/4 lbs. Imported 2000-2004.
.308 Win. cal., modern 2A Enfield barreled action, mfg. from chrome vanadium steel, 20 in. barrel with compensator/flash hider and adj. rear sight, front sight protector, pre-fitted see-through scope mount accepts all Weaver based optics and accessories, electroless nickel finish, hardwood stock with survival kit included, 12 shot mag., 8 lbs. Imported 2001-2004.
.308 Win. cal., similar to Quest II, except has black synthetic stock, w/o survival kit. Imported 2002-2004.
.45-70 Govt. cal., remanufactured No. 4 Enfield action, new 21 in. button rifled barrel with front sight, blue action and barrel, checkered hardwood sporting stock, 3 shot mag., 8 1/2 lbs. Imported 2000-2005.
8mm Mauser cal., sporterized military action with good barrel and sporting sights, walnut finished checkered hardwood stock. Mfg. 1993-94.
.243 Win., .270 Win., .30-06, or .308 Win. cal., features M-98 action, walnut finished checkered hardwood stock, action is drilled and tapped, flip-up rear sight and ramp front. Mfg. 1993-94.
available in 11 cals. between .22-250 Rem. and 7mm Rem. Mag., 24 in. barrel, open sights, 4 shot mag., select checkered walnut with sling swivels, 7 3/4 lbs.
.375 H&H or 9.3x62mm cal., similar specifications as Model 81 Classic with quarter rib and express sights, engraved action, Pachmayr recoil pad, 9 lbs.
.308 Win. cal., 24 in. heavy barrel, 10 shot mag., camo green synthetic McMillan stock with stippling, built in adj. bipod and recoil pad, enlarged contoured bolt, adj. sights, 12 lbs. 6 oz.
.243 Win., 6.5x55mm, .308 Win., .30-06, or .300 Win. Mag. cal., target stock, aperture sights. Mfg. disc. 1992.
.22-250 Rem., .243 Win., 6mm Rem., 6.5x55mm, 7x57mm, 7x64mm, .270 Win., .30-06, or .308 Win. cal., 22 in. barrel, 4 shot built in mag., checkered walnut stock with cheekpiece, open sights, 7 1/4 lbs.
similar to Model 1000 Standard, except has detachable 4 shot mag.
available in 9 cals. between .22-250 Rem. and .308 Win., 22 in. barrel, open sights, 4 shot mag., 6 1/2 lbs.
.375 H&H, or .458 Win. Mag. cal., 24 in. barrel, 4 shot mag., 9 1/2 lbs.
.22-250 Rem., .243 Win., 6mm, 6.5x55mm, 7x64mm, .270 Win., .30-06, or .308 Win. cal., bolt action, Mauser type action, 24 in. barrel, folding sight, skip checkered walnut stock, pad swivels, rosewood pistol grip cap and forend tip.
similar to Model 1200 Super, except has detachable 4 shot box mag.
.243 Win. or .308 Win. cal., 20 in. barrel with muzzle brake, internal 5 shot or detachable 5/10 shot mag., laminated checkered birchwood stock, sling swivels, 8 1/2 lbs. Disc.
.308 Win. cal., matte stainless construction, black composite (Kevlar/fiberglass) stock, 22 in. barrel, 4 shot mag., 7 lbs. Mfg. 1993-disc.
.30-06 cal., replica of original M1903-A3 Springfield, drilled and tapped, Redfield replica rings and mounts, new C stock, barrel marked with modern dates of mfg., includes U.S. issue leather sling and OD Green canvas carrying case. M73G2 scope became standard during 2012. Mfg. 2009-2015.
.30-06 cal., similar to M1903A4-82, except has improved M84 rifle scope and 7/8 in. rings. Mfg. 2010-2012.
built on original Mauser action, replica wood stock, gold trigger guard, designed by Robert "Rock" Galotti for the movie "The Last Samurai". Mfg. 2002-2003.
.30-06 cal., 1903A3 Springfield action, new 19 in. barrel with No. 5 Jungle Carbine flash hider, camo finished fully synthetic stock. Limited quantities. Mfg. 2012-2014.
.300 Win. mag. cal., similar to Quest III, except has black synthetic stock. Imported 2002-2004.
7x57 Mauser cal., includes 3x9x32 sun optic scope, checkered black synthetic stock, small ring 1916 Mauser barreled action. New late 2017.
similar to Model 2600 Midland, except has checkered walnut stock and pistol grip cap. Disc. 1997.
.22-250 Rem., .243 Win., 6mm Rem. (disc. 1994), 6.5x55mm (disc. 1994), 7x57mm (disc. 1994), 7x64mm (disc. 1994), .270 Win., .30-06, or .308 Win. cal., 22 in. barrel, 4 shot mag., checkered hardwood stock with Monte Carlo cheekpiece, open sights, drilled and tapped action, 7 lbs. Disc. 1997.
lightweight variation of the Model 2100 Midland Deluxe featuring tapered barrel, anodized aluminum trigger housing and lightened stock with full pistol grip and recoil pad, Schnabel forend, 6 1/2 lbs. Disc. 1997.
similar to Model 2600 Midland, except has laminated birchwood stock, reintroduced during late 1996, utilizing a 1903 Springfield action, 7 lbs. Disc. 1997.
12 ga., trigger bar safety, unique squeeze break open action and cocking system, 28 1/2 in. barrel bored F, hardwood stock and forearm, 6 lbs.