Previously manufactured by John Inglis Co. Limited of Toronto, Canada. Over 151,000 Inglis Hi-Powers were manufactured between February 1944 and September 1945 under military contractual agreements.


9mm Para. cal., large Chinese characters (2-6) on left slide, slotted for stock and tangent sights, can be denoted by no numerical prefix before the "CH" in serial number.
9mm Para. cal., tangent sight, slotted, contracts included Canadian, Chinese, and other countries.
9mm Para. cal., fixed sight, without slot, numerical ser. no. prefix (0-10) references the sequence of guns in increments of 10,000. Scarcer variations include: 0, 9, and 10.
refers to Inglis trademark in diamond shaped logo on left side of slide, only a few prototypes were mfg. 1946-47.
fixed sight, slotted. Inspect slot very carefully, and provenance verification is advised.