Current rifle manufacturer located in Kufstein, Austria. Consumer direct sales through FFLs.


various cals. including Magnum calibers, unique short action allows for straight on cartridge loading, high strength alloy main parts, grip safety on lower pistol grip, unique uncocking device allowing manual cocking/decocking of the firing pin spring, 23.6 in. standard barrel, 3 shot detachable mag., iron sights, receiver drilled for scope mounts, best quality wood, available in either Schnabel forearm or Mannlicher configuration, many styles of engraving are optional, 7.14 lbs.
various cals., bolt action, 3 front locking lugs, firing pin safety, ST, removable 5 shot mag., European walnut stock with Bavarian cheekpiece and Schnabel forearm, 5.8-10 lbs.