Previous manufacturer located in Husqvarna, Sweden. Also mfg. by Vkt (state rifle factory) in Jyvaskyla, Finland.


9mm Para. cal., 4 3/4 in. barrel, blue finish, fixed sights, plastic grips, mfg. 1940-44.
9mm Para., 4 basic variations - only the first 2 types have the more desirable shoulder stock lug. Military pistols are usually "SA" marked, approx. 9,100 mfg. 1938-1954.
can be identified by "hump" for yoke locking piece and loaded indicator, ser. no. range 1001-3700.
does not have the "hump" for yoke locking piece, scarcer than 1st Variation, ser. no. 3701-4700.
can be identified by small changes in loaded indicator, most are marked "Valmet", ser. no. range 4701-6800.
w/o loaded indicator, marked "Valmet," and sold commercially, ser. no. range 6801-9100.
the shoulder stock for this model (w/o serial numbers) features a sheet metal compartment which contains a cleaning rod and extra magazine. Original stocks (only 50 mfg.) are currently selling in the $6,000 range, while more recently manufactured stocks utilizing original hardware are currently priced in the $2,500 range.