Previous trademark manufactured in Liege, Belgium.
The Melior (Latin for "Better") was a tradename of Louis Robar. Louis Robar founded the company in 1906, the company remained in business under various corporate names for over 50 years. The Melior pistols resemble FN Browning pistols externally but are mechanically different, these do not infringe on Browning patents and are therefore not Browning copies. All pistols were designed with barrels affixed to the frame, resulting in good accuracy.
Robar manufactured the pistols under the Melior tradename but also made a variant of its models for Janssen Fils & Co. (Janssen Sons & Co.) under Janssen's "Jieffeco" tradename. Both Melior and Jieffeco pistols were sold worldwide. In the U.S. the Jieffeco pistols were successfully distributed by Davis Warner, New York and Fred Biffar & Co in Chicago. The Janssen company ran into trouble and restructured on January 1, 1935, ending the Jieffeco branded pistols. Some captured pistols were used by German forces in WWII. The postwar years saw diminished production and decline in finish.


.32 ACP cal., 7 shot, resembles the FN Browning Model 1900 although is heavier, production variances, with or w/o front slide serrations, and two variances in magazine release. Mint examples are rare. Mfg. 1907-1914.
.25 ACP cal., 6 shot, resembles a scaled down version of the FN Browning Model 1900. Production variances; with or without front slide serrations, and two variances in magazine release, the .25 ACP version is far more common than the larger .32 ACP version, this model was also sold/manufactured in the U.S. under patent by Phoenix Arms. Mfg. 1907-1914.
.32 ACP or .380 ACP cal., pre-war metal finishing was considerably better than postwar production, 6 (.380 ACP) or 7 shot, either with no grip safety or short or long grip safety, the model resembles the FN Browning Model 1910. Mfg. circa 1926-1940, and circa 1948-1950s. Jieffecos mfg. up to 1935.
.25 ACP cal. 6 shot, production variances include either with grip safety, or no grip safety, scaled down version of the .32/.380 Model. Mfg. circa 1926-1940, and circa 1948-1950s.
.25 ACP cal., 6 shot, advertised as the “reduced size 6.35mm” and was introduced to compete with the FN Baby Browning. It was a reworked, lightened and scaled down version of the .25 ACP New Model. It is easily recognized by its small size and fragile blue Robar enamel escutcheon on the left grip panel. One of the smallest .25 ACP pistols ever produced. Mfg. during the 1930s.
The New Model was adapted to fire the .22 LR, it was first released with a standard 3 1/2 barrel. Two Target variants with 7 in. extended barrels followed. All .22 pistols had a "L" prefix serial number. Target models are rarely encountered. Introduced circa 1949.