Previously manufactured by Nikko Firearms, Ltd. in Tochigi, Japan. Previously imported by Marubeni America Corp. located in New York, NY circa 1972-1974.

MIIDA Models

12 ga., 26 or 28 in. barrels, VR, various chokes, boxlock, auto ejectors, single selective trigger, checkered pistol grip stock. Mfg. 1972-1974.
similar to Model 612, with 27 in. VR, skeet bore barrels, more elaborate engraving. Mfg. 1972-1974.
similar to Model 2100, except with 29 3/4 in. imp. mod. and full choke barrels, wide VR, 60% engraved coverage and select wood. Mfg. 1972-74.
similar to Model 2200T, except with 27 in. skeet bore barrels.
similar to Model 2200 Trap/Skeet but with more engraving. Mfg. 1972-74.
12 ga., 29 3/4 in. full choke barrels, single selective trigger, auto ejector, boxlock with sideplates, receiver fully engraved as well as breech ends of barrel, trigger guard and locking lever, gold inlaid, extensive silver line inlays, high grade select walnut stock. Mfg. 1972-1974.
similar to Model GRT, with 27 in. skeet bored barrels.