Current manufacturer located in Lido di Camaiore, Italy. Currently imported by Pardini USA, LLC beginning 2012, located in Tampa, FL. Previously imported until 2012 by Larry's Guns, located in Gray, ME. Previously imported until 2004 by Nygord Precision Products, located in Prescott, AZ, and distributed until 1996 by Mo's Competitor Supplies & Range, Inc., located in Brookfield, CT, and until 1990 by Fiocchi of America, Inc., located in Ozark, MO.
For more information and current pricing on both new and used Pardini airguns, please refer to the Blue Book of Airguns - also available as an online subscription.


.40 S&W, .45 ACP, or 9x21mm cal., SA mechanism designed for stock competition category, adj. trigger pull. Limited importation by Nygord 2000-2004.
.40 S&W, .45 ACP, or 9x21mm cal., similar to PC, except has compensator and scope mount with optical sight.
similar to PCS, except w/o scope and frame mount, top-of-the-line semi-auto.
9mm Para., 9x21mm (disc. 2011), .40 S&W (disc, Model PC40), or .45 ACP cal., 5 or 6 in. barrel, SA, fully adj. trigger, adj. rear sight, diamond wood grips, matte silver, 13 or 17 (9x21mm) shot mag., black, silver, bronze (disc. 2013), or two-tone (disc.) finish. Importation began late 2004.
9mm Para. or .40 S&W (IPSC) cal., features 5 or 6 in. stainless steel barrel, black or Ergal finish. Importation disc. circa 2019.
.22 LR cal. only, semi-auto, target grips, adj. sights, 4.92 in. barrel, interchangeable grips, 5 shot detachable mag., SP features mechanical trigger, SP New features second generation electronic trigger, approx. 2.4 lbs. New 1991.
.22 LR cal., semi-auto, features electronic trigger, blue/silver two-tone finish, adj. anatomic target wood grips, includes six tungsten weights. Imported 2005-2013.
.22 LR cal., semi-auto, similar to Model SP1, SP1 has second generation electronic trigger, SP1 New has mechanical trigger, developed for rapid fire discipline, includes six tungsten weights. Imported 2005-2013.
.22 LR cal., similar to Model SP, except grips are suitable for smaller hands. Importation disc. 1999.
.22 Short cal., semi-auto, features enclosed style grip assembly, adj. sights, choice of electronic (GP E, new 2004) or mechanical (GP) trigger, 5.12 in. barrel. Imported 1991-2004.
.32 S&W Wadcutter or .32 ACP (new 2012) cal., semi-auto, similar to Model SP Pistol, 4.92 in. barrel, beginning 2004, HP has second generation electronic trigger, HP E has electronic trigger, HP New has mechanical trigger, 5 shot mag., includes 4 (HP) or 6 (HP E, disc. or HP New) weights. New 1991.
.22 LR cal., top-of-the-line single shot target pistol, 11.8 in. barrel, mechanical trigger, toggle bolt pushes cartridge into chamber, unique ventilated front sight assembly that also supports counterweights, cocking lever action, 38 1/2 oz. Imported 2000-2008.
.22 LR cal., single shot, sliding rotating bolt, 9.06 in. barrel, tilted anatomical grip, top-of-the-line match pistol. Mfg. 1991-99.
.22 LR cal., designed for NRA bullseye shooting, micrometer rear sight and small Adco red dot sight, anatomical target grips. Imported 2000-2004.
.22 LR cal., single shot, 11 in. barrel with elevated front sight designed by Buck Rogers, compensator, with (FPE) or w/o (FPM) electronic trigger, 2 1/2 lbs. Importation began 2009.