Previously imported by the Parker Reproduction Division of Reagent Chemical & Research, Inc., located in Middlesex, NJ. Previously distributed by Parker
Reproductions located in Webb City, MO. These shotguns were manufactured at the Olin-Kodensha plant in Tochigi, Japan to original Parker specifications by Winchester until the factory closed in January, 1989.
In 1984, Winchester was contracted by Reagent Chemical & Research, Inc. to manufacture a new Parker shotgun. The new SxS was a DHE model, available in 20 and 28 ga. initially. These models were fabricated in Japan to original Parker specifications, and the reproduction was so authentic that most parts are interchangeable with the late Parkers made by Remington in Ilion, NY. In 1993, a 16/20 ga. combo was introduced in some models. On Sept. 17, 1999, a flood destroyed all remaining inventory, including parts and most of the factory records.
During 2004, Connecticut Shotgun Manufacturing Company offered a limited quantity of A1 Specials in-the-white without metal finish and engraving in 12 or 20 ga. only, without cases or accessories. MSRs were $5,850 for one set of barrels and $6,750 for a 2 barrel set.


12 (new 1986), 20, or 28 (new 1984) ga., 26 or 28 in. barrels, boxlock action, ejectors, single selective or double triggers, beavertail or splinter forend, straight or pistol grip stock, skeleton steel buttplate, Japanese engraving in original DH style, case hardened frame, rust blue barrels. Supplied with leather trunk case, canvas and leather cover, and snap caps. Disc.
similar to 12 ga. D Grade, except has strengthened chrome-lined 28 in. No. 1 1/2 barrels, 3 in. chambers, 7 1/4-7 1/2 lbs. Approx. 349 mfg. 1987-89.
available in either 28 ga./.410 bore (disc.) or 16/20 ga. (mfg. 1993-97) combo with 2 barrels and 2 forends. Less than 160 mfg. of the 28 ga./.410 bore combo. Disc.
includes two 28 ga. and one .410 bore barrels, cased. Disc.
12, 20, 28 ga. or 410 bore, original Parker BH specifications, single selective or double trigger(s), 26 or 28 in. barrels, straight or pistol grip stock, engraved skeleton buttplate, Japanese bank note scroll engraving around game scenes, cased. Only 100 manufactured in 12 and 20 ga., seven in 28 ga., and nine in .410 bore during late 1987-1989. Disc.
12, 16/20 ga. combo (introduced 1993), 20, or 28 ga., original Parker A-1 specifications, 26 or 28 in. barrels, single selective or double trigger(s), Japanese fine scroll engraving with game scenes, 32 lines/in. checkering, cased with accessories. Limited mfg. 1988-89.
custom (per individual special order) engraving, available with two sets of barrels only, mostly coin finished, engraved and signed by Master Engraver Geoffrey Gournet, cased with accessories, approx. 80 sets mfg. during 1987-2002. Very few have changed hands among collectors in the $20,000 to $40,000 range with values and prices depending upon custom engraving gauge and extra barrels.
available in 12 or 20 ga., A-1 Special specifications, authorized by U.S. Department of Interior. Only 4 sets are known to exist in this model, two 12 ga. sets, and two 20 ga. sets (one is a cutaway gun).