Current rifle manufacturer specializing in Mauser actions located in Birkenau, Germany. Limited current U.S. importation. Previously imported by New England Custom Gun, located in Claremont, NH, and by Mitchell's Mausers, located in Fountain Valley, CA.
Prechtl Jagd & Sportwaffen specializes in manufacturing a Mauser 98 short, standard, or Magnum length bolt action rifle patterned after the Mauser drawings from the 1930s. Additionally, the company offers a line of GS 04 high precision target rifles. Prechtl also manufactures a new action based on Mauser patents, the model Prechtl Express 07. It features a closed receiver and fits a detachable mag. Magnum cals. are available from 8.68mm through .416 Rigby - it is designed for long range hunting. A limited edition is also available that features a match barrel and carbon fiber stock - it is a joint venture with German car tuner, Mansory. A wide variety of calibers and options are available. The company also has released a new single shot falling block action named the Katharina, in addition to offering a variety of rifle accessories. Please contact the importer for more information, including pricing and U.S. importation.