Current manufacturer established in 1983, and made under license from Fabrique Nationale, Herstal, Belgium in Minden, NV since 2017. Previously manufactured in Aspen, CO from 2007-2017, Montrose, CO during 2006 and in Charlottesville, VA until 1995.


.25 ACP (6.35mm), single action, striker fire, blowback mechanism, 2 1/8 in. barrel, 6 shot mag., checkered black polymer grips, all steel construction with choice of high polished blue (new 1990), black oxide (disc. 1998), brushed satin nickel (Nouveau Satin, disc.), high polished nickel (Nouveau Mirror, disc.), Wood's nickel (new 2022), or "1911 Hot Blue" glass/zircon bead blasted (new 2008) finish, triple safety system, 7 1/4-9 1/2 oz. Mfg. 1984-1995, reintroduced 2006.
features 303 stainless steel construction, satin, high polish, or vacuum deposition coated black finish. Introduced 2010.
features 7075 T652 aircraft aluminum frame with high polish chrome over nickel steel slide and mag., gold-plated trigger, aluminum two tier serial numbered case and original 1931 FN style grips, Arctic Blue (disc.), Carbon Titanium Black, or Raspberry (mfg. 2021 only) finish. 7.25 oz. Introduced 2010.
features blued, high polish frame and slide, 24Kt. gold plated external components, African ivory grips. Mfg. 1999-2021.
engine turned barrel is standard, polished sterling silver (new 2014, SP model), hot blue (new 2023), stainless (new 2022), wood's nickel (new 2022), 18Kt. (rose) or 24Kt. (yellow) high polish gold plated frame, slide, and external components, ivory (disc.), carbon fiber (mfg. 2014-2021), or Mother of Pearl (new 2021) grips, yellow gold (new 1999) or rose gold finish. Introduced 2010.
features high polished 24Kt. gold plated slide, frame, magazine, and trigger, Dendrite ivory grips. Disc. 1999.
features hand inlaid 24Kt. green, yellow, and orange gold scroll pattern on frame and slide by Angelo Bee, high polish black oxide finish, African ivory grips. Limited edition. Mfg. 1997-2021.
similar to Imperiale, except has "Michael B. Kassnar" signature on left slide top in gold. Mfg. 1989-91.
features hand inlaid 24Kt. orange, yellow and green gold scroll pattern with rosettes on frame and slide high polish hot blue finish, African ivory grip plates, 9.5 oz. Limited edition. Mfg. 2009-2021.
high polish chrome over nickel plated finish, silver nickel grips with mother-of-pearl inlay, metal mag. catch and trigger. Mfg. 2011-2021.
high polish sterling silver plated finish, 7 gram solid silver trigger, metal mag. catch, silver nickel grips with carbon fiber inlay. Mfg. 2010-2012.
available in high polish (nickel plated, engraved, disc.), French blue (330 grit, engraved, disc.), Charcoal Blue (600 grit, engraved), French Gray (600 grit/polished, engraved), coin (glass/Zircon bead blasted nickel, disc.), case color (new 2023), rose gold, stainless steel (new 2021), Wood's nickel (new 2022), or 24K gold (600 grit, bead blasted, engraved) finish, ivory (disc.) or Mother of Pearl grips, 24K gold plated grip screw, nut, trigger, and mag. catch, 9.5 oz.
.25 cal., carbon steel frame and slide, stainless steel barrel, 6 shot, white Mother of Pearl (new 2021) or Turkish walnut grips, 24Kt. gold plated trigger, two nickel plated magazines, ships with its own black or brown hand crafted Swedish leather zippered pouch, Sodium Cyanide or Ash & Bone finish. Only 500 to be mfg. New mid-2012.
bone and charcoal color case hardening by Shiloh Sharps, 24Kt. gold-plated steel trigger, nickel plated mag., high polished exhibition grade Turkish walnut burl grip plates. Mfg. 2012-disc.
330 grit, bead blast, high polish hot blue or nickel finish. Disc. 2016.
etched random patterns Damascus slide and grip plates, polished 8620 Hot Blue, carbon steel frame, gold plated trigger and cocking indicator. Mfg. 2019-2021.