Current manufacturer established in 2003, located in Kulmbach, Germany. No current U.S. importation. Previously imported in North America by Wolverine Supplies, located in Manitoba, Canada until 2014, and by Marstar Canada, located in Ontario, Canada.
Sport-Systeme Dittrich manufactures high quality semi-auto reproductions of famous military guns, including the MP38 (BD 38 €2,480), BD 38/L, Sturmgewehr 44 (BD 44) and the Gerät Neumünster (BD 3008, €1,950). Its latest model is a reproduction of the Fallschirmjägergewehr FG42 as the BD42/I (€7,560), BD42/II (€7,450), BD 43/I (€3,250), and BD 44 (€2,690). Other current models include MKB42 (€3,250), BD 1-5 (€10,500), BD 35/1 (€3,500), SG11 (€3,500), SG12 (€3,500), DC13- SG13 (€3,500), P18 (€1,800), and P18K (€1,800). Please contact the company directly for more information, including pricing and U.S. availability.