Previously manufactured Swiss military rifles.


usually encountered between 85%-95% condition.
available in either carbine or rifle configuration.
The Bern factory assembled approx. 2,240 sniper rifles based on the K31 between 1944-1946 beginning with SN 450001. Earliest rifles had a 1.8 power scope, the latest a 2.8 power scope. As standard rifles were assembled at the same time, sniper rifles have been recorded with serial numbers into the 453XXX range.
.41 Swiss or 10.4mm Swiss cal., not mfg. by Schmidt-Rubin.
Experimental series of about 900 guns, carbines and rifles, numbered sequentially from 1-900 approximately. The first 200 were carbines, the balance rifles. All with fluted receivers with three flutes of unequal length - the longest on the center of the receiver, the shortest off to the side. Also, the bolt locking lug sleeve has three holes, a feature that was deleted in the M1911.
210 carbines (10 made 1924, 200 made 1926), based on the M1911 but with a heavy barrel and no bayonet lug, serialed independently with a "V" prefix.
7.5x55 cal., 1.8 power flip-up scope and 1-10 marked rear sight, first 50 rifles had a scope, slightly different from standard production, that was marked with a matching sn.
7.5x55 cal., 2.8 power flip-up scope and 1-7 marked rear sight.
7.5x55 cal., same designations as above but with detachable scopes, based on K31/42 (1.8x scope) or K31/43 (2.8x scope), an estimated 50 rifles, closely serialed around #4523xx. Very rare.
7.5x55 cal., with matching 3.5 power detachable scope, originally issued in matching numbered can. Rifle has a large, integral muzzle brake/flash suppressor and comes with a bipod. Independent serial range 1000-5150.
7.5x53.5mm, 21.5 in. barrel, 6 round mag., straight-pull, full-length stock and upper handguard, no bayonet fittings, Swiss cross marked on receiver ring, approx. 7,750 mfg. 1895-1905.
10.4mm cal., rust blued with strawed small parts, black hard rubber grips. Sequentially serialed from 1-6000 (approximately). The majority arsenal refurbished in Switzerland.
several hundred revolvers assembled by SIG in late 1920s from parts made by Bern, marked Waffenfabrik Neuhausen, black HR or fluted wood grips, independently serialed 1-300 (approximately).
7.5mm cal., made from 1929 to 1946, assembled with red (scarcest), brown and black grips. Serialed from 50,000-68,500 (approximately). Red grips on the first 7,000 revolvers. Relatively few Commercial M1929s, those earmarked for the Zoll (border patrol) were issued with an unusual Luger-like holster.
7.5mm cal., made from 1882-1929. Rust blued with strawed small parts. Sequentially serialed from 1-32,250. Antique production serial number cutoff is #8108. Several variations.
octagonal barrel that does not flare at frame juncture, thin top strap, no recoil shield reinforcement and black hard rubber grips. Serialed from 1-1500 (approximately).
octagonal barrel that flares at frame juncture, thick top strap, reinforced recoil shield around firing pin hole and black hard rubber grips. Serialed from 1500-20,000 (approximately).
similar to Second Variation except has fluted, wood grips. Serialed from 20,001-32,250 (approximately).